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Wow. Unbelievable. Anyway. Eric Eggers joins us now and John Ponder joins us. Thank you both for being with us, John. I want to start with you and I want to start with this. Dominion Software is Senator Cruz said. We we saw the problem in Michigan. You just heard Laura Cox give her testimony I read earlier in the program, the report from the secretary of State of Texas when they tested it. It was an unmitigated, appalling disaster, and they rejected it as a system to be used as recounting votes in Texas your thoughts Well, your your listeners don't need to understand the technical details on Dominion. What you just need to understand is like any program. This is a bunch of ones and zeros that either intentionally or either accidentally can have a glitch like any program. I hate to say fallen short in Georgia may have been a blessing in disguise, because what you have to have any situations is a manual recount every recount in history. Has kept the boat within a few 100 votes. Now they manually count all these ballots in Georgia, and it's basically the same boat. Then it looks like the glitch didn't change things. But if it's 10,000 off, 20,000 off you enough to really change it there. You really have put the pressure, then back on everyone else who used the system and saying, This is more than your normal little glitches on election day of a few votes here and there. Unbelievable. I'm by the way. Eric Eggers also is with Peter Swipes his group Government Accountability Institute. And he's the director research. All right now I got to give you some props here because you called out Big tech. And the danger that they pose in terms of an information crisis long before what led up to this vote in 2020, congratulations, and when did you write this book fraud how the left plans to steal the next election. Yeah, Thank you, Sean. I started working on the book fraud Back in 2017 and both the book and the film. The creepy line, which talked about the influence and power of Google and Facebook and Ways in which they may manipulate electoral outcomes. They both came out in 2018. So yeah, I'm sad that the two of the products have worked on in the past few years seem to have culminated. In a very real way, and a very potentially damaging way for our by the way, 2018. That was the year that secret empires was written by Peter Schweizer. I mean, we stay busy at the government accountability in to Shawn. But, yeah, It was a big year for all of us. But I think the key thing that we're now seeing is this interesting convergence of the systemic vulnerabilities in our elections systems, and John's touching on. I think maybe a remedy of some of these hand recounts helped lead us that way with the Dominion software problems. But the other thing, too, and it is so big because everything that you're raising every audio clip that you played that your audience has heard. These are all real credible people raising concerns that demand answers and one of the things that I explored in the film creepy line that I think it's so important now, remember, we were all conditioned leading up to Election Day. We all saw that the tags and the banners that say it may take several days for the votes to be counted. This means that the system is working exactly as it's supposed to. We all saw that on many social media sites. How come now we are now being told, Like any time anyone raises an allegation of voter fraud, despite the many credible allegations and instances that have been documented, how come they're getting They're total censorship and delish in by the social media sites. When I think American democracy demands no less than the very hard questions that are being raised be answered in the court of law. That's what American stand for. That's how American democracy is supposed to work. And, you know, hopefully we have a chance to get a full vetting of the process. So he spent a year and a half, You know, researching your book and saying that? Yeah, This is what the left wants to do. We see the distinction in the different some states are still counting votes. Here. It is. What? Nine days after the election day, others could call you know, within an hour after the polls close And we obviously have a lot of problems and we can start a lot of different ways. Voter ideas. Certainly one of the mail in ballots is a huge problem. I don't like the fact that people can vote a month or five weeks, six weeks ahead of time and You know all the events that might influence one's vote haven't happened yet. That bothers May. So what if we want to stop this? How do we do it? And and where do you go with this mess from here? It's a great question, and I think that you having Senator Johnson on to talk about how it's always one political party that's fighting against any common sense measure of improving election integrity. Right on Lee one party fights against the implementation of voter ID. Even though you need an idea to perform almost any basic civic function in this country, including ironically, attending the Democratic National Committee Convention in 2016, it's only one political party that fights against the removal of illegal Dead or, you know, no longer valid voters from voter rolls and so one of the things that I found and think this is what the other people he had on him. So correctly pointed out is on Lee. One party has consistently supported The conditions in which fraud has been proven to thrive, not the least of which, unfortunately, is absentee or mail in balloting. Even the New York Times has acknowledged that when you have a massive increase in mail in balloting, that's the one form of voting. That's the most susceptible to fraud. So where do we go from here? We have common sense standards. Include voter ID vote, signature verification and common sense reforms, including what the deadline will be if we're going to continue to see an increase in happen to your mail in balloting hard and firm and strictly enforced deadlines on when you can turn him in and what the thresholds are because we consistently see this fight..

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