Selena Zito, Barack Obama, Donald Trump discussed on The Matt Allen Show


Selena zito book is titled the great revolt and there isn't a book like it it's not a protrump book per se selena zito has become the journalistic expert on who trump voters are and why she has spent days weeks months in all of these neighborhoods and all these blue states in the areas of these states that elected trump in a shock voters that normally would have voted for hillary and did vote for obama she's identified them categorize them to several different kinds of voters and explains why they will in she interviews them it's it's them you you hear the actual people who voted for trump and why a why they're going to continue to do so this'll be the best book that drive by media could read to find out what they're up against they won't do it you know when salena zito has interviewed she sent me a note i'm going to be on she sent me a note expressing her frustration that her coworkers at various networks aren't interested in what she saying that they're not interested in really reading the book i wrote her back i said well welcome to the club sleep they don't care what you think they don't care what you found out they're only going to try to expose your work as irrelevant or incompetent they don't really care like i learned what it was i started being interviewed by media they didn't care what i thought they weren't genuinely curious about who i was they saw me as nemesis and she is seen in the same way she really thought that she was going to help open some eyes of media people who are confused about why trump won and they could they can they they'd have a lot of questions answered and they would help themselves in in learning what they're up against but they will steadfastly refuse to read the book it would be that helpful to maybe it's a good thing or not but it is that thorough it's called the great revolt by selena zito you know the.

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