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Today Alive Zona Collider movie talk. We got more joker. That's right the might be sequel in the works and then we boldly go where nowhere has. No one has gone before these no hall is going to do that. And then there's a trio of marvel castings involved called and Steven soderbergh's throwing down for them as well talking about all on collider movie talk. Suzanne LOGO COME ON LOGO. Get outta here alright. Hey welcome everybody. John Sal Rocca sitting in the host today again hosted the rest of the week but while Perry number off is having some fun down Kabo. That's what I'm seeing from those pictures a lot of fun. Hey Kabul is great but in his greatest hanging out with these two gentlemen today. We're GONNA talk. Meet them now. That's the silence doesn't have great. It's good to see. We put a star trek story on. And you're like super excited. We're yesterday what happened. I was like this is going to be one of the topics tomorrow and I love what silence gets animated because it means we're in for a good show and you know this guy this next guy I he looks so good and his newsy hat. He's got himself a new comedy special. That just dropped that guy right there. Mark Ellis how are you. I'm great John John I gotta say Hanging out with you gentlemen. It's nowhere near as nicest Kabo sit. I think we all would rather be on vacation in Mexico right now. Otherwise yes I agree to do this. I thought I was booking myself vacation to cop replacing period for a day. So you're doing a great job mug right there thank you. Oh that's right I am who I am and I appreciate you both stopping by absolute. You only GonNa have some fun and we're GONNA get into some topics right now. Let's do it I. That's the joker joker doc. It is coming back possibly as a sequel to teach or and sources. TODD PHILLIPS IS LIKELY TO RE team with walking Phoenix on a follow up to this one billion dollar making film if you read the Article Todd villages already. According to sources made one hundred million dollars off this film I would retire but anyway he went in to talk to toby. Emmerich the Warner Brothers. A pictures group Chairman Abou- after the opening weekend after they made ninety six two point two two million dollars opening weekend about getting the rights to develop a portfolio of DC characters origin stories. That's right Todd Phillips. He tried to big time here at waterbirds in DC and be like. I'm going to create the Todd Phillips Verse of the DC verse. That's some guts and I really appreciate the stones on that kid. But he when he walked balked at this said no so but now it's according to teach our it seems like a sequel is in the words they approved that Joaquin Phoenix is signed on to do a possible sequel as as well according to this here and then taught villages coming back with the writer Scott Silver who joked the joker scream. Who wrote the job the joker screenplay? So I mean I'm looking at you. Mark Ellis as our own resident. Joker what is your your thoughts on this. Do you like the idea of a sequel. Did you enjoy that. This was a wanna I enjoyed. It was a one off. Yeah and and even when they were talking during the press conference rounds before the movie was released about. Hey I'd love to come back and revisit this character I was like I thought that we were just making in a small little movie and it was separate from the rest of the DC universe. Because I think that's the big question a lot of people are gonNA have. Is it when you hear the term sequel. You're going to assume we'll now this has to tie into something else. It because of the way that the first film left us off and we said Oh maybe there is some kid activity with some sort of university and if it's not the one that the D. C. The EU wanted to be going forward. So the person. I'm really wondering what their mental status this morning is not Todd Phillips or walking Phoenix it's Matt Reeves is in his office visit. Somebody knocks on the door like what we got to put that. Jesus Christ like. He's already got nine villains his Batman movie and now he might have to work in some sort of like there's some back channel with joker thing so I I'm fine with the joker too because it is interesting to see where that character and where his influence goes Other people in Gotham city. I would prefer that they stay separate from whatever Matt Reeves is doing with his Batman. Yeah and you know we saw in the movie first of all. We saw the origin of Batman. And they were Thomas Wayne Shooting. Ironically I mean. I don't Know Who Shoots Somebody After Zorro. The Gay but that's pretty angry person But we saw that happen but then we also had the letter that implied the joker and That Arthur fleck and Bruce Wayne might be half brothers might not be half brothers. It's Kinda thrown up in the air so now it could land here here Silas with Matt Reeves having to work this. Remember Tom Phillips. Couple of weeks ago did say that. He thought that the joker in the movie would inspire. The joker would be the. The Joker for Matt Reeves is the Batman. But now could it be walking. I hope it isn't yeah. I think it would be a mistake. I think DC has found that they can make a movie like joker not have a touch continuity all have it be an incredible success and then they can do another movie. I mean for everything we know. BIRDS OF PREY is not connected connected to the walking Phoenix. Joker the joker whether or not he appears is going to have an effect on that film. Yeah well it saying here that he won't be exploring exploring back Batmans back story with his sequel. That's what T- HR's reporting won't be about that. So what does that mean. Does that mean that we just go see on the continuing attenuating adventures of joker joker without the Batman. I don't think as interesting do you think or do you. Do you really WanNa go on the further adventures of the joke anytime you you say. Hey Mark you want to go see a Batman movie. I'M GONNA say I don't care if Arnold Schwarzenegger's play Mr Freeze in it man. But with joker there there was clearly magnetism to Joaquin playing this character. That audiences responded to because you do not cross a billion dollars without repeat box office business. People love seeing him. Play this character and there was a level of refreshment. I think two people saying I don't have to worry about. How's this going to connect to to Batman wonder woman or a Superman GonNa come and making cameo it's like Oh this is just about the joker so if you can walk that line again yeah which ochre to? Then I'm fine. It would be interesting to see where that influence in. Gotham and. I think that audiences proved with the successive excessive. This joker film that they are savvy enough to be able to separate that. This is something that a standalone and does not touch the Matt Reeves Batman at all. I think it's best to keep those. Oh separate and you just hope that whoever's making the decisions of Warner Brothers can be that savvy as well because in in recent past the people who were making decisions at Warner Brothers. who no longer doing that? We're like Oh God we've got to keep up with marvel now you. We would've loved taking our time with Batman and Superman. Now we gotta have them fight each other in this movie because everybody loves comic team ups as long as DC keeps playing at their own pace with their own style. I think this movie can work joker to into darkness. I don't know I don't know if we're joker to electric BOOB. I don't know if I liked it even do batch. Man Come on does have two jokers. That's bad that's fair but according to this article article as well from T- HR. As I said he went in and and wanted to do storage. For a bunch of DC characters he did walk out with the rights to one other characters actors and now the speculation begins what. Who is he going to do? What villain would you like him to Todd Phillips to kind of do here afford? DC for Warner Brothers. Silas I would like to see so so and I'm one of my favorites is always been scarface. I think is a cool villain. Oh interesting I I think that bizarro would make such a cool movie. you let's see specifically Batman Universe. I have been saying being. I think people were saying it was a bad idea but after mandatory and maybe their opinions have changed Verna Herzog as Mr freeze really. That's interesting. Let's see. I'm going to freeze you until that works. Necessarily what about you mark. Do you have a one. You'd like to see maybe some off the wall choice to see where scarecrow went to medical school. I think I'd be interested to see that back story. The Klay Guy I I you know. I don't WanNA get too down the road with origin stories becoming major films just because again these are villains that I was raised sympathy for and so on my watch joker on screen on my supposed to be running against this guy like those Wall Street idiots either so make me feel conflicted about one of them not all of them. Could it be a hero. Could it be a hero. Because it just says the rights to a DC character route. One character did they know and they're is not telling US doing okay. It's one character it says here. The Phillips emerged from the meeting with the rights. To at least one other DC story so it could be another character. Obviously you'll get the sequel. WOHLFART joker but will he be developing something else. That's the question that's now in play was Jarad leto on the lot. Like hey if you need somebody to play another joker to play the joke it was influenced by this joker signing up for the role or is it. Another Warner Brothers property that like King comedy he's going to put the Joker Kerr into A. Wow that's interesting thing to think about as well. What what he slighted mint I? Maybe it's Dumbledore to be any warner brothers property. Guys Grendel Grendel. I'd films get his hands in the Harry Potter. You would be an interesting thing version of Harry Potter. Just seeing a albus dumbledore dancing on the stairs. That would just be perfect with Grendel all. Why not just walk into that story? The walk into that to see what's I'd I've Phillips does with the DRACO malfoy graduates hogwarts. Because Tom Felton came out and said that he would like to come back to to to the Harry Potter bears and do the Prequel of Lucius. He would like to play Lucius. Malfoy with it was interesting to play your FA- for your son Play The Sun and the Dad. That'd be very interesting as we see if you haven't seen a certain film with Sheila booth. It's very interesting to see that happen. So what Jackson did with I straight OUTTA Compton. Write your own father. I I would like to see. I think Todd Phillips in in all his films sort of accept joker has been really good with groups and like it it. It's a trio in hangover. There's a back and forth in a due date. Old School has his great great. I would love to see other characters. Brought in the only thing with joker is. He's such a clear focus of that movie. Yeah and he doesn't relate to anyone. I'd like to see some way to have a group of people bowl that he could connect with in some way..

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