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America loves to celebrate polish. Dr truck the truck driver has long been immortalized in songs like this one by Dave Dudley. Through as a kid. I dreamt of driving eighteen Wheeler who doesn't want to get paid to see the country. I moved on eventually to other aspirations but America still revels in the joy of trucking and increasingly taken kind of new form. This song truck union by surgeon. Sing is a him to the success of truck drivers who are members of the Sikh faith. Wherever seeks go. He exults they never looked back. They achieve success through dedication, hard work. Good ethics. And it's not just songs all along the west coast. Now there are truck stops run by people of Indian origin selling butter chicken, and Kashmiri lamb and lentil curries sometimes there are spaces for seeks to worship usually do from like LA to Washington Krige Inder Singh is one of many drivers at this stop who is seek and who comes from the Punjab region in northern India. He started off working at a truck stop and now has his own company. I have trucks trucking was familiar work for a lot of men back home. I think it's the background because lot of people back in back home. They regret having. And so there are used to it. There are stimulated about hundred and fifty thousand six trucking in America grinner sing, Kelsey is the head of seeks pack a seek political group. It all happened. It has very is related back to it is lot of six youth Muthu US there had been a spasm violence against Sikhs in India, the CQ that can't US the most of them very close in the faith. Specially the beard and turban, and they were getting hard time getting entry level jobs where Dicker the same time get a job and. Religion having beard and turban. So they looked elsewhere. That was easy for them to become truck drivers. And that's how they got into it. Because there was industry where they would not acquire take off their turbulent here. Mr. Singh says most every Sikh family, he knows has at least one person working in the industry, the trucking magazine overdrive this year, put a Sikh on the cover for the first time it reported that the older trucking community is now more integrated with the Sikh subculture after seeks joined in protests against an unpopular new rule about electric logbooks and even as they're making the trucking culture their own revamping songs and food for a more diverse generation trucking has also made its way into see culture, Mr. Singh says no wedding is now complete without a trucking song. Listen to this one Pucca truck in Wally by Nissan Buhler in it Amana singing to his new wife that with his job in trucking. He'll be able to buy her a beautiful house and a car. An American dream if ever there was one. That's all for this episode of the intelligence, you can subscribe to the economist at economist dot com slash radio offer, twelve issues for twelve dollars or twelve pounds. See about your tomorrow.

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