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Now Start. Rediscovering right. You know so many kids have no idea that Paul McCartney was in the Beatles yeah. You know that's so crazy to that because we lived through the yeah. I have a friend Eric Metaxas. Your best of all time he says. Paul McCartney and wings. Paul McCartney. In the Beatles wings of big seriously because that's He's a little younger than me. Some lead songs, but come on the Beatles. Favorite Beatles album. That's that's my opinion. I'll tell you my revolver. Here's why revolve a lot of people because it was before certain peppers and it was not quite you'll Beatles transitional eleanor rigby out you know kind of attacks, men certain Janjic, and see where they're going. But it was a moment time and of course, rubber sole in the heels of it George. Cheriton went said you could have released them as a two album set. You know evolve everyone says Sergeant Pepper's but I think revolve if you eliminate sergeant pepper yeah. I would say the meet the Beatles. Yeah. Of course, because that was the one that made just a while. Yeah you know and then. The white album was amazing. They just riney a Massey out released. The white album is there's so many great things going on that album you know and it was too bad because it was at a point when they were not getting along. Yeah. But they were writing journal Great. Song is my guitar gently weeps one of the great. Solos of all time and it was enjoy garrison. It was Eric Clapton. This. This discovered glass onion. That's. Everything I, said. Listen to blackbird. Yeah, and you go. This is a piece of art. It is absolutely you know songwriting is I've you know I realize this a long time ago that? I'm sitting there with Pink Floyd. In our house because they lived with us a while we lived together. And who are we listening to listening to Birkbeck wreck? And we're sitting there going. Wow, that's really good. What he did right there. Now we're talking about the construction of the song though how that verse Went right into the b section never let's just effortlessly and then it went right to the course and then what did he do? He had his little something else. and. Then he went back to the B section and we're all sitting there because we're all songwriters going..

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