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Hearing blood-curdling screaming and then the phone i mean there's a lot of stuff people don't know i used to call the city desk at the new york post. I would call the city desk and say at one in the morning. Excuse me i. It's kathy hilton with do you. by chance. no purse where she is right now. Wow let me just start off by saying i love this. Transparency kathy is going through right now and i think it has to do with two things one. The documentary took a turn for the left and she kinda got real about what her life was like at that camp and really expose some of the things that her mother had turned a blind eye to our head like let grace by over the years. And when you're a wasp you never talk about the things that happen in your home especially when it comes to your parenting or your children and i think the second thing that kind of opened her up is the real housewives and seeing the people and audiences appreciate that when she gets real that they love it and i think for her. It's probably freeing to finally stop saying that. Oh paris was perfect and this was great. She was like no. I couldn't find his mistress as what parent would say that. But it's probably freeing an instagram wasn't around and so that like hollywood hayday where it was like paris and lindsay holly brittany and everybody was partying. I don't believe instagram was around. So you know now. Like parents can go on instagram. Be like okay. She's going to definitely posted at this club or she's going to be in paris and she's going to be you know overseas. I know where she's at least. We're her location is back then. It was the paparazzi you know might have had tilted. You had people those how you found out but those wouldn't come out until the next day i understand in. That was a crazy time like that. Was you know we would see this footage outside the clubs and paresis boyfriends would be driving the cars crazy on if you guys remember this but her boyfriend like wreck the car one time on camera like she was screaming at him to stop and that she was scared like she partied hard so i can understand why she was. She was terrified. Well and those were the only. That's the only perspective that you had to. You didn't have other people that were on instagram. Posting their own footage or different and other story it was only what you saw on the tabloids but it was nice to hear from cathy also to know that she was really concerned during this time when all when we saw out there while now where are their parents do they care and she clearly cared into also that vulnerability to call the post as a mother and be like. I'm looking for my child. Reading leaked that information like cow. The hill today definitely could have leaked it and they never did. They never did it. Yeah you know. it's so funny. Because growing up in the south you know the one of the rules was if the streetlights come on and you don't make it home you can you ask it. You know what i mean. My mother call the new york post. She calls a neighborhood watch which was miss saline. Chris paul and paul will come outside. It'd be like you know you gotta go home. Get this aspect. But you didn't get the lights came on and that's how parents found guilty like my mom just made me feel so kilty if i didn't just let her know that i was okay so it's still ingrained in me now like when i get if i fly to new york i still text my mom and say i landed saying i talked to my mom every day. And she's just ingrained in me how much she cares and it would make me sick to make her worrying. So my sister's not that way my sister will go away for a week and be like. Oh well you know. Misery does not get away with a lot but just saved dynamic. 'cause my family is still call. I send them my flight information. Like did i made it home. Live with My mom's like do you know that. When i was growing up you could smoke drink and the bars so when i was sneaking into the bars at eighty years old. Well you know. You can't do that anymore when i was growing up. He's like my father. When i was born in different old people used to just smoke in the bars so if you ever came home with closed at smell like cigarettes. Your parents knew that you were in the bar. So what i had was a club clue club closed and club. Shoes would go into my room. Take off clothes. Put it in a trash bag and put it outside and wash it at school and in my ever saw the definition of a sneaky link more sneaky now school with the powder so look that was lights coming up. Ask you guys. I'm sorry. I just gave away myself with my kids are gonna be wild. Scare the crap out of kathy hilton sister cow rich. You won't believe what went down.

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