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Is online cool to have yeah smart light smart fridge smart thermostat the smart speaker plays music or answers questions and here is the secretary of state Mike Pompeii talking about the situation with Iran send out my personal condolences to former congressman Mike Fitzpatrick he was a friend of mine who I served alongside he passed away early this week leaving out a lovely wife and family one express my condolences to him his his service to America was noble is a member of Congress to work together on pro life issues during my time in Congress lots of you have questions about the Middle East and Rocco certainly take some questions today the first two I want to offer my condolences to the people of Australia after the tragic loss of life and property because by the devastating wildfires across that region America's thoughts and prayers are with the victims their families emergency service personnel putting themselves in harm's way and the same goes to for the dozens of U. S. firefighting personnel who are standing side by side with our strained friends fighting the flames together as I said when I was a city just this past summer we have a truly unbreakable alliance they're great friends I would happy to be able to help our season this time of need staying in Asia we noted the appointment of new whining and the new head of the Hong Kong Chinese central government liaison office he's expressed hopes that Hong Kong will return to the quote right path end of quote the right path as I've said before his for the Chinese Communist Party to honor its commitments made to Hong Kong in the Sino British joint declaration filed at the United Nations a commitment the guarantees the territories independent rule of law and freedoms that the Chinese living on the main line unfortunately do not enjoy that's it will continue to work with on Khan and Chinese Communist Party officials to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms in Hong Kong and to promote Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy in Afghanistan there's an aspect of that conflict that deserves more attention and that is the Islamic Republic Iran's involvement there Iran has refused to join the regional and international consensus for peace and is in fact today actively working to undermine the peace process by continuing with long global efforts to support militant groups there most people know about Iran's proxy networks in the Arab world but the regime also has a relationship with the Taliban and related groups such as the Connie's the Tora Bora and the mullah doula group the Taliban's entanglement Iran's dirty work will only harm the Afghanistan peace process a couple items here in the hemisphere and as well I want to thank and congratulate one way no one is reelection as the president is with the National Assembly a legitimate reelection by quorum of one hundred deputies your machines campaign a morass visitation bribery could not derail Venezuelan democracy nor could use of military forces to physically bar the National Assembly from accessing the parliament building I applaud have been as well as political parties came together to support why those reelection the United States will continue to support president why though in the Venezuelan people and will continue to rally all other freedom loving nations across the globe to do that same thing we support the Venezuelan people because we believe the western hemisphere should be a hemisphere with freedom everywhere also highlight the work of the O. S. which is been instrumental tool in moving the region in that direction it's an example of truly outstanding effective multilateralism secretary general we saw My Girl is the leader we need for the O. A. S. to continue proactively addressing the central challenges facing the region promoting democracy appalling human rights advancing security fostering economic development throughout it have more to say about the yes in the multi lateral form in the coming weeks on the theme of basic freedoms I want to commend members of Bahrain's council represent is for the January second statement which they expressed deep concern over the inhumane and painful conditions to which we are Muslims in China are subjected Bahrain is recognizing what I've been saying for months the Chinese communist party's committing mass human rights violations and abuses against Uighurs ethnic Kazakhs securities and other Muslims held in detention in Xinjiang happy with but by brain did and we ask all countries particularly those belonging to the organization of Islamic cooperation and the Arab league to denounce the Chinese communist party's brutal treatment of workers which is part of the parties broader war on faith moving to Europe as many of you know prime minister Mister talkies is in town this week I'm looking for to walking in here I'll be with him today at the White House alongside president trump I also want an ounce that our undersecretary for political affairs David Hale will be traveling to Brussels a later this week we'll have conversations with twenty eight European counterparts this is a recurring meeting that happens about every six months hi this particular gathering is important because it immediately proceeds an E. U. foreign minister a lot of Ron that is just been schedule and the shows to once again our close cooperation with our European partners on issues of mutual concern I'm sure of all David there the issue around Iraq will feature probably their conversations and they'll have an opportunity also discussed birdie such as Syria North Korea and China as well I finally one more person no matter I want to thank ambassador John bass who I've come to know in my time in service both as the director of central intelligence agent now secretary of state is to your tour service in Kabul was remarkable that's one of our most important missions ambassador bass is a respected strategic thinker a man of incredible integrity his help that country move forward to a brighter more peaceful and more secure future for all the Afghan people I do want to welcome our new eleven ambassadors into a master's at large you were confirmed since the end of November including about your soul and I will be heading off to Russia before too long weather finally getting out to the field we hope to have more follow them out there with that I'm happy to take a few questions thank you happy new year Mr certain drawbacks in honor of the new year I have exactly two thousand for twenty four action but all of them down to the sixth grade president.

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