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You know you just go to Church and you hang out with your church buddies. That already know that already know, right you're all supposed to go into. That means wherever you are in your life whether it's work or surfing or. Like we talked about on the last podcast about the salt you know we are supposed to be seasoning things. So at work when you have opportunity to share the good news west, the good news good news ash. Let me tell you something about that. He you know what? This is back to our conversation last night we were over here eating burgers last night was rents birthday. Happy Birthday hunting. Yeah. So for his birthday, we came over here and we were talking about that like tip being and being generous and your husband Dawn's whole platform was. Being being generous and and. Combine opens up a door to share the good news because we don't WanNa just thumb. Bibles and people's faces either or skimpy little tipper, and then expect them to listen to what we say but it also. Applies to the injustice of the week. We made that packed. Remember guys right. We're going to parent the community. But when we do that, we have to parent it using a soft voice understanding journalists gentleness. Yep, exactly. Kindness and all of these things because that might open up an opportunity for us later. Yeah. So what does the good news ash? The good news is he is risen y'all. You're saved well, yeah. So the good news is Is knowing that. All the mistakes. All the screw ups. All The Times that we put ourselves first. and. Often the. Too often. That you know we got a guy that he did all the work for us. So all we have to do is come to him and asks for help as a big step and he forgives us he cleanses us of all our junk and he gives us his life. So that we get delivered for something bigger than ourselves something more fulfilling his living for ourselves. His I mean that gets old you know and the arduous there are not enough. To satisfy her true now, we talked about that in a podcast. You didn't we yeah that's not out yet that. We're going to be internal linking the crap out of these shedding once we. That's not how you. Anything. You want to add any now. Thank you guys. I'm humbled to the part of it's been a really fun time. Hang out with the guys outside and beautiful, house and gardens. Yeah. And it was fun and I learned I learned a lot today I enjoyed that and sorry we started late tenny I'm good I told you know plans no honeydew list I'm I'm good. He's good honey do that maybe the honey hole. Ask Yeah. All right we do. We have any homework you have any homework sign is if you don't will come up with something on the fly now you go. You guys you think something all. The only thing I can say is is just the again be kind. Yeah just. Share Yeah. Not Minting Names Dale but you know if you are a sitting outside waiting for that.

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