Karl Marx, One One Percent discussed on The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast


Feeling. Sorry for someone so if you're running around patting yourself on the back because you feel sorry for people you're like one one percent of the way to be in a good person. That's it so it's partly because it's it's partly because feeling sorry for people can actually be really damaging to them like if you feel too sorry for people if you treat them like they're too fragile and overprotect them. You do them a terrible terrible disservice. That's especially true if they happen to be your children so not only. Are you not a good person if you're just because you're compassionate. You might be a bad person because you're compassionate. That happens a lot. I noticed in my clinical practice for example new client i ever had came and told me i need to see a psychologist because my parents made me to independent ended. That never happened right. It never happened but the reverse happened a lot. No i can't get away from now. The stifling milieu of my family right that happened a lot and it's crushing so all right so back to hierarchies radically than hierarchies. It's an important observation that rats than hierarchies because the radical leftists for example who are upset about the fact that hierarchies exist and dispossess people and that they produce unequal distribution of resources sources. They have point but they're not very serious about what they're doing. That's the thing that's what bothers me because it actually isn't big problem that hierarchies dispossessing no press people. It's a really big problem but it's but it's a way bigger problem than the people who we're using that argument to speak for the dispossessed are willing to admit you take karl marx for example please to use an old joke. He believed that the existence of hierarchies that dispossess no press at the feet of the west end capitalism okay you can't unquestionably that's the wrong.

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