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From an artery in Juliana's neck, very likely saving her life. Dad rode with his daughter to the hospital, and when the mother got home, it was just so hard pregnancy. She was she was a mess. Pediatric patient with a corroded next injury. Once she was mid flight into tough. Juliana underwent emergency surgery to repair the artery, a broken jaw and several deep facial cut. Police say the driver was drunk. A go fund me page has been set up to help with Giuliana to Tony's medical bills. 7 33 problems with the Red line and on the roadways this morning, let's check out both with Lori Grandy and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes shuttle buses, replacing Red Line service between Park Street and J. F K U Mass. This is due to a power problem there at South Station. So be aware of that this morning. Also dealing with the crash now Route to eastbound right by Sudbury Road in Concord. Downtown. Still tough if you're travelling on the expressway north and trying to get to it, it's tough for about 25 minutes from Raintree to Boston with the toughest stop being there, Adam Street to South Hampton Street. Let's check out 93. Now with David struggling on the WBZ NewsRadio Road report. 93 South is on the brakes from right before 4 95 on the way to where we pick up an extra lane before route 1 25. This, in turn has had 4 95 south on heavy and slow from route 28 to route 93. Now we have a disabled vehicle on the ramp from 4 95 South Island 93 cell to make that even worse. 93 South. Also seeing some volume of times around route 62 Concord Street and then by Commerce Way, all adding up to a 20 minute ride from the state line to 1 28. David Stuff, Alino WBZ NewsRadio Road Report, All right, And after that 93 is still tough south down there from Mystic Valley Parkway all the way down the lever connector coming across the lower deck. It's heavy but moving okay, getting to the second bridge and into the O'Neill tunnel. Expect delays still on 95 north, and that's real heavy this morning starts in a pocket street and continues to 93. Laurie granted WBC's traffic on the three Well, we heard that there were some possible sunshine, citing South didn't believe it until I actually saw myself at least a brighter sky, at least maybe a poke.

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