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Center America feels that I sure would high school student allegedly spit on during the George Floyd protests in Milwaukee is now speaking out about again and again I am viewed not as a child but as a color the reclusive one of several hundred people participating in a protest to shore with this weekend with his group was confronted by attorney Stephanie rap can't video of the confrontation shows the two yelling at one another before it shows wrapped allegedly spitting in the teens face at this time I continue to be mentally or physically shaking to be assaulted by the doll in my own community going to pandemic was provided crap can faces two charges stemming from the incident Lucas's family attorney asking the Milwaukee county DA's office to consider a hate crime modifier Mike Spaulding WTMJ news the Milwaukee common council years out with some changes it wants it says it wants a police department that de escalates respecting humanizes council members out with a statement this today that demand significant and immediate structural reform of all police departments including the one in Milwaukee and Madison school resource officers would be replaced by nearly three dozen additional support staff under proposal by the teachers union performing high schools in the district would pull their resource officers and replace them with more counselors nurses psychologists and social workers that's according to the statement released on Sunday by Madison teachers incorporated he also says quote if we remove police officers from our schools but do not adequately staff those same schools with social workers nurses counselors and psychologists we are perpetuating harm upon our most vulnerable young people on quote J. net air WTMJ news in the oppressive heat over Houston afternoon hundreds of people standing outside the church where a visitation for George Floyd is being held today it's the final public memorial for Floyd takes place this afternoon where he grew up CBS's Dan about cases there former vice president Joe Biden is meeting with Floyd's family privately in Houston today to offer his condolences inside the church there are dividers on the aisles and stickers on the floor to maintain separation and invitation only my Morial service in private burial for George Floyd will be held on Tuesday around separate several memorials that have taken place.

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