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The rules were receivers could get smoked if they ran across the middle three years drew Brees twelve thousand yards. This is the big ten. And this is like fifteen years ago. It was a running conference. Drew Brees twelve thousand yards. Baker Mayfield played in the past happy, big twelve, where I think the outlawed tackling about six years ago where everybody runs five wide in an offense where every quarterback puts up prodigious numbers. I mean produced never looked the same since drew Brees left. Oklahoma has a thousand yards of offense and the two games since Baker left even their college careers. One had twelve thousand one had twelve thousand. They weren't the same. Twelve thousand at Purdue is a lot better than twelve thousand Oklahoma. When you got NFL guys surrounding you, go look at drew Brees his teammates. Final the NFL guys on offense. Yeah, they're ups, drivers guy. So. I mean, sometimes it rob Ryan, and Trent Dilfer had this opinion on Baker Mayfield. I think it's very, very accurate. People want to compare them to drew Brees now drew Brees is one of the best pocket passers of all time. He looks like he wants to extend plays like Russell Wilson does, but Russell Wilson is a premier athlete. This guy's not going to be able to do that in the national football. So you watch the second half of the Georgia game and you can forecast what it's going to be like for the NFL. If he continues to play his style of football, which is the creative intuitive extend plays. It's not gonna work. He's not a good enough athlete to play that style of football in the NFL. So he's going to have to be a pocket passer, and he ain't drew Brees is a pocket passer and drew saying nice stuff could lose a good guy, but. I just cracked me up every European that can shoot is not Dirk Nowitzki stop it. And just because your name is Tom, you're not Tom Hanks even if you're an actor and live in the same town as Tom Hanks in your name is Tom and you act. You're not Tom Hanks joy, title the news..

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