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At the end of the cold war the we us was asked to do something that hasn't been done before which is how to devolve the power of your major adversary without a land war and so the question was how to bring russia into the system and when i found very interesting at the time was uh and strove actually was in charge of our relationship with with russia than and i was up in new york but basically it was building on what president bush has done in terms the reunification of germany uh and then looking at what steps had to be taken to respect russia and bring it into a system and so the whole issue of expansion of nato began in a very step by step process with something called the partnership for peace where various countries that have been either part of nato or later part of what had been the soviet union could begin to see how the system worked and play a role in a cooperative action and i now urge people to the there have been some member those that have been declassified by the clinton library which describe how president clinton was talking to president yeltsin at the time about how to do all this in a very staged approach and in a way that russia would be respected and become part of something and began to have russia nato dialogue so i admire first of all the goal of it but then also the carefulness with which president clinton directed that we all take steps to do this in some way that was organized and that in fact respected what was going on in russia and these memos are so worth reading because it's where president clinton is talking to president yeltsin and they recognize each others politics in addition to recognising the issue that they were dealing with the writers to address one point madeleine just brings back a very vivid memory the russians were on hated the idea of nato bombing serbia bought president yeltsin off because of his close ties with president president clinton was absolutely a central in getting the serbian dictator genocidal dictator milosz of it out of office and thereby actually made it possible for us to bring an end to the balkan wars without having to go into a landmark into a landmark strobe talbott uh and.

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