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Septa i'm ed benkin from sportsradio wip sports update the phillies cannot salvage the rubber game of their series with the blue jays pointing to toronto five three phillies fell behind four nothing with to toronto runs coming the sixth hunter ready the runners go three two swan granted to third it's a fair ball down the line pass bronco had two runs are going to score hoskins gets to it fires into second but smith is just say ahead of the throw it'll be a double for dwight smith junior edits a ford and nothing toronto lead that is scott france go ninety four w i p nick baretta suffered the loss giving up two runs through five innings manager gabe kaplan was asked if a pair close pitches on a second inning war candidate effect on a starter you know anytime calls aren't going in your direction it feels like you can swing the outcomes of games so not particular case i think certainly nncholas frustrated we were frustrated but that's part of baseball it's not unusual the phillies renown bark on a ten game road trip beginning monday night is the open a four game series in los angeles they'll start the road trip in second place thanks to atlanta seven one win over boston the braves are now back on top of the nfl east lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers are back in the nba finals cleveland came back to win game seven in boston beating the celtics eighty seven seventynine james have thirty five points and fifteen rebounds jason tatum at twenty four points for boston the cavs now will play the winner of monday nights western conference final game seven between the rockets and the warriors willpower was the winner of the one hundred and second running of the indianapolis five hundred it was his first indy five hundred win being this wayne's went down in round one of the french open and the stanley cup finals beginning monday night in vegas with game one between the nights and.

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