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One seven t the return from injury wasn't as fruitful for Kevin love back from toe surgery. Loved this fifty games for the Cavaliers he played six and a half finished Friday against Washington. Four points. Wizards got the wind one nine thousand hundred six debut category. Tobias Harris with fourteen point eight four Sixers take care of the nuggets by seven the Knicks lose again straight loss. One twenty to one zero three to the pistons knocked off Brooklyn one twenty five one. Oh, six Lauri Markkanen with thirty one points out. There was only one game in the NHL is Friday night. Peter Razzaq at twenty seven save for Carolina against the Rangers. Besides that this is all he needed. Resets it back for Jacob Slaven. Outstanding in this game down through the middle with steam near wing, Mana, Lenin. Spreaker thirteen seventeen left in the third Carolina with a one nothing lead. Carolina got a couple of more the caller ninety nine nine a fan ESPN and Raleigh is the hurricanes. The Rangers free nothing college football. Former Georgia quarterback Justin feels ruled immediately eligible by the NC double A's transferred to Ohio State, and he's got three years left eligibilities. The buckeyes coming up Monday. We'll rewind all the action from the weekend like Virginia rockets, thunder and professional.

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