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Became a classic my wife still reminisces about the time he picked up the upright bass and played like a guitar I mean you did crazy stuff on stage and the longer I felt uncomfortable via your domain the main room get a basically really at the neck in a does that worry about and it had a certain one minutes together yeah yeah but in the long as they let you go because this was your was your dormitories yeah I have on a really a mako is filled with a dark place there's another thing we had the kind of people we had been older and random yeah they were they weren't being counters they were they were just yeah something over the phone to I want someone from the characters somewhere well the understood gaming in the understood hospitality yes and they were very good yeah the slot machines were secondary to the this is the place to put into entertainment and the tree to entertainers with respect and it's it's very nice very good people that didn't really the guys with the became the bookers or X. do exist and they right I would I would love reading what reason was not I love Walgreens but she was not the right and from the right you know I had a victim all right they arrested please everybody I'm gonna talk about is gone wait a minute what time is it your sillier I'll keep you updated but now there are some classic stories about all the performances on stage how you would just you when it's a Madame butterfly using Italian and I said to him I said United we spoke to use it I don't and you just to talk about what the and if I could throw in another a toast to America because from a friend of mine who was a very up front and the I feel very proud of his courage and we were good friends how on earth did you go from you know just give me a touch of your wonderful mastery of the Italian language and then it got in front they're just listen listen Frank Frank I know who just passed away another one that is best to keep you updated yeah he would listen to me up and it got me listening to the opera and I I I we used to go to the metropolitan I would go in Chicago.

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