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Of the science frie it's great to be here is that fan worked left tell you if you you the if you being crypto jack the fane suddenly spurring up and making a whole bunch of noise is a good indication that it's happening it's it's not guaranteed that that's going to happen but uh if if somebody is browsing essay in suddenly they're fan comes on that's a good reason to be suspicious that that something is happening and to hata's bad now wearing get into your laptop well in some cases the up attackers are actually infecting the the laptop iaea we using some sort of trojan uh which is just a program that is is something other than it purports to be by in some cases over the weekend for instance forty two hundred sites almost forty three hundred sites were hijacked and they actually fed the code that caused anyone visiting the site to suddenly start mining a crypto choline uh cryptocurrency coin known as monuc ero and in that case the computer was in hijacked it was uh some of the code that all forty three hundred of these sites were using i in in linking too so when you once on you went to the site you got hijacked the exactly suddenly your computer would start mining this currency and of course that's putting a strain on your computer or in some cases you're you're you're smartphone uh and it's either draining the smartphones battery or its electricity that you are paying for so for someone else somewhere halfway around the world probably i'd be to i to benefit from an and gain a you know co uh currency to to their account i you know if the fan goes on in my laptop i imagine that my cell phone is going to start heating up a little bit this is apm yeah well in in some cases some of the really aggressive a digital currency mining software running on cell phones is actually caused physical damage i the phone worked so hard and it draws so much current a current from the battery that the the battery a bulges and causes the case do kind of uh your pull away from it from itself or you know kind of explode uh it it wasn't actually an explosion per se but it did actually caused physical damage to to the phones you.

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