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Two says by claims the government has killed two protesters this week and May Day organizers in LA of change the day's theme from resistance to persistence, many of these workers have been marching the past two years with anti-trump energy, but Trillo organizer, Dan. Okay. Says that's changing as embracing the power that we've created through resistance and just reflecting that tyrod to the community. Trillo Tessie Borden says victories during the midterm elections of lifted away from the March. Now what we're doing is celebrating the the triumphs have had so far hundreds of people marched yesterday afternoon. Two and a half miles from MacArthur park to city hall in LA, Kris Ankarlo, KFI news from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic center, we make it easy. We've got an issue now on the six oh five. That's finally getting a little better. It is in Norwalk on the six five north right at the one oh five had couple lanes blocked here. Now, everything is clear, so always are open still busy from rosecrans, but that should dissipate shortly mid city, Los Angeles, ten west at Washington have this crash investigation. Still going on the right lane is shutdown, but you can exit at Washington if you need to that offramp has reopened the backup is getting a little better. It's adver Mont. All the alternates are also all filled up. So that's just going to be an ugly ride. Serita ninety one east at Studebaker. Reckon the carpool and left lane slowing down at cherry zoo, set to ten westbound at citrus wreck in the carpool and the middle traffic lane that jam up at the fifty seven you see any of these things or anything else. Give us a call. The route seventy time traffic line is eight eight eight five hundred five thousand three KFI in the sky helps get you there faster. I'm.

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