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Eight hundred opie s and in the twenty twenty five games at the big league level this year. He's gone eight for forty four. But i mean he's he's still pretty good and swin. Sqi is twenty two. He say fifteen home runs in double a san antonio this year. And then i mean you could. I mean really. The list candidates goes on and on and on but like those are some really good prospects. But adam frazier is a really good guy that the padres at least get to keep for another year and he's such a valuable piece because you can put him anywhere in the field like that's what makes it so amazing is you can literally put him anywhere in the field except for maybe pitcher or catcher and you will be better off then having m- most people there like even like advertisers probably going to play a little bit a little bit more first base with the padres because of eric hosmer but they also might have them fill out. He's a second. He's a middle infielder by trade. He can also play third base and the outfield so like you to have him play seven nine positions and that is just amazing but after that on the twenty six th the yankees acquired right handed pitcher clay homes from the pie from the pirates for diego. Castio and roy park both are infielders and that move added more depth to the yankees bullpen with the twenty eight year. Old homes bringing a four ninety three. Era in his forty two relief appearances this year with new that sent him to new york. Homes also struck out forty four batters. His calling card is a sinker that he throws more than half the time and helping him post a seventy two point. Four ground ball rate in twenty twenty one. Now i think that whenever i see a guy that gets traded from a bad team like the pirates and then he goes to a contender like new york and i see that really really high four ninety three era. And i would. Actually i think i think about is. I think it's going to be a very good situation. Because in the other times he was coming in in most likely terrible situations like situations where he had runners on like in his relief appearance and then his defense wasn't very good either like the virus. Just aren't very good this year like it and so like it's every time i see like a pitcher something like that get traded on like wow like. That's pretty that's that's a telling sign that the yankees think klay homes is going to be pretty pretty good also on july twenty six. The as acquired andrew traffic from the cubs for outfielder. Greg dietsch men and right handed pitcher daniel palencia chaff. Chairman gives the as a second reliable lefty high leverage innings out of the back of their bullpen. Along with jake digman. The thirty-one-year-old has a two zero six. Era and forty three relief appearances for the cubs this year with thirty seven strikeouts and thirty nine third innings and then the cubs get back. One of oakland's top ten prospects in diekmann whose number nine hurt mlb pipeline. Who's having a very good season at aaa this year. And the twenty six year old is hitting three hundred eighty four. Thirty two on base percentage. Four home runs and seven steals and fifty nine games. Palencia is a twenty one year old right handed pitcher in his first professional season after the as scientists out of the venezuela in february of twenty twenty so the the cubs definitely got some really good prospects back like solid solid prospects. And i think i think trading for dietsch men is very very impressive trade especially considering your give. You're getting trough you're giving up schaaf men to an american league team up next. Though is the astros. They acquired on july twenty seven. Kevin gray excuse me kendall. Grave and rafael montero from the mariners. For abraham toro the third basement and right handed pitcher. Joe smith division rivals off trade to their game against one another on tuesday night. The astros beefed up their bullpen by acquiring grave man. Who owns a point. Eight two era in ten saves this season the astros ranked fifteenth Bigs with a four fifteen bullpen. Era and monteiro who was designated for assignment on friday opened the year as seattle's closer before losing the gig grave monteiro had posted eleven era. Since june sit in return the mariners. Br bringing a twenty four year. Old toro homered in seattle on monday. Soro had just hit a buck. Ninety three with a six twenty six through two hundred seventy four at bats in the bigs but he was ranked by mlb pipeline as houston's number three prospect in two thousand twenty and has an over one thousand ups at at the aaa level smith eighth thirty seven year old right handed pitcher as he's seven forty eight era through twenty seven appearances this year after that the reds ended up going in beefing up their own bullpen as well the reds went out and aguire lewis sessa and left-handed pitcher ryan pitcher louisa and left-handed pitcher justin wilson front from the yankees for a player to be named later and the reds added a couple arms to their bullpen. Early on that wednesday morning and sesa- is in the midst of his best season in the big as he carries a two eighty two era through thirty eight and a third innings. He's only allowed to earn runs in the past eleven. A third innings. Dating back to june. Fifteenth and wilson has struggled this season posting a six seventy six f. I p through twenty one appearances. But he did throw a couple clean innings over the previous week over over the prior week before that before that joe july twenty eighth i should say and the yankees trade saves the. It saves them some money in all. Honesty is wilson was owed about a million dollars this and has a two point three million dollar player option for twenty twenty two and sesa- is owed about four hundred thousand dollars for the rest of the season but he still have two years of arbitration remaining and then also on july twenty eight th the reds continued trying to beef up their bullpen. By trading for right handed pitcher michael gibbons from the rockies for case williams and no davis the reds continued to fortify their bullpen that wednesday and a day after they had not even a day the next about the day.

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