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Making them walk again. But we're saving them from the ravages of chronic disease which every other doctor in this country is trying to treat right. So we're the ones that get to affect disease in a meaningful way. Isn't that interesting. Yeah no that's great and what we do is such demonstrable healers right. We take these people that can't walk or injured. We can really make a difference in their lives quite rapidly and improve them to get back and what a difference from the oncological nursing that you were doing you know earlier in your career so it really sort of a flip of a switch is too wet wanted amazing sort of healer. You can become so quickly. So yeah i mean. I drank the kool aid early on love. Orthopedics always have. It's just been amazing. Career would never change or do anything different so you go to university chicago to get your your medical degree. And then you you huff off pittsburgh with freddie fu and if you want a second opinion for freddie food you just ask him again right. That's the old line that we've all heard. So you gotta have some great stories from university of pittsburgh your well. You know what. I went there to interview in the middle of winter. Like we do and it wasn't really high on my list but thank god that i. It was snowing it with a blizzard. The airports were shut down. I had to fly into another city and rent a car. But you know when thank god i did because when i got there. I found a place full of stories full of history. You know ferguson. Was there ferguson. One of the fathers of orthopedic surgery and university of pittsburgh has trained more chairman than any other program in the entire country including antonia chen whom you had on. We can talk about but i predict. She'll be a chairman someday and her current chairman. Jim king at harvard came out of pitt. And so what. An amazing opportunity to be in a place where performance than the expectation of leadership is in the fabric. But in that you get a lot of people with a lot a unique personalities who you know we tend to attract leaders there and so you can only imagine but you're right. Dr fu is a force to be reckoned with and it was not unusual for me as a faculty to get a phone call at five. Am with an instruction or a. Did you see this. Or what about this resident. But you know what for sure when you're getting a five. Am call from your chairman. You either you pay attention and be you know. You've got his attention because nobody else is talking to him. So it's a innocent mazing thing the other amazing thing. I think there's so many stories. Listen you're going to have to have me on for several days. Gets all these. But what was amazing to me to watch was when freddie started Really rethinking his acl procedures which has been real movement within orthopedic surgery right. Everybody was doing trans tibial..

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