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Traffic and weather this is news radio WFLA Tampa and W. X. T. B. H. D. to clear water there are thirty two thousand one hundred and thirty eight cases of coronavirus in Florida with one thousand and eighty eight deaths Miami Dade has eleven thousand five hundred and seventy cases and Broward has four thousand seven hundred and ninety four and lieutenant governor Jeanette Nunez says governor to stand is is taking a measured approach to re opening the state's mucking up first and foremost that you know public parks and green spaces in areas like that that we can certainly make sure that people are state noon yes says the state isn't looking at essential versus nonessential businesses in the re opening its looking at which businesses can open safely different counties will likely have different time tables but before the governor and the state he wants to hear from you three open Florida task force has posted a website for residents to submit public comments the task force says the comments will be a critical component when it comes to re opening the states and a second round of loan applications is now being accepted to the paycheck protection program Florida senator Marco Rubio wants to see how much of the three hundred and ten billion goes to the smallest companies we really wanted to look at that as an indicator of whether we were reaching more smaller businesses small businesses micro businesses mom and pops but also independent contractors ten ninety nines people on the gig economy Rubio says a flood of applications has bogged down the approval process he says the SBA is trying to sprout belongs to more community banks so we could take a little longer to get approved and the Jacksonville lab is doing its part to help the country get ahead of the corona virus curve sonic healthcare Bernard labs started making cold at nineteen test kits last week and shipping them around the country they've already made over one hundred thousand kits and they hope to eventually make over a million one official involved in the program says more tests will give national health experts more info they can use to make wise decisions well Florida's news I'm John fan fact about half of all men will experience ET your PC fact both TV and P. E. are highly treatable fact a safe effective treatment is just.

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