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Nicknamed Mr tiger K. line spent his entire twenty two year career in Detroit an eighteen time all star and ten time gold glove winner who reached this milestone in nineteen seventy four right what Kerry called on WJR radio okay live finishes career with three thousand seven hits a two ninety seven career batting average he batted three seventy nine with eight RBIs in the nineteen sixty eight World Series as the Tigers beat the cardinals in seven games K. Y. became the first tiger to have his number retired out K. line was eighty five NBA commissioner Adam silver says no decisions on the season will be made until least may there also be no in person workouts or interviews were draft eligible players until further notice the format for the NFL draft will be completely virtual commissioner Roger Goodell confirm that in a memo to all teams all team personnel will be on their homes and stole all league personale del saying quote we are operating in an environment unlike anything we've experienced before one that requires flexibility patience and cooperation the three day draft is still scheduled for April twenty third to the twenty fifth the NFL announces all decade team the twenty ten to eight of the fifty five selections were unanimous Tom Brady J. J. watt Adrian Peterson von Miller Erin Donald Joe Thomas marshal Yanda and Justin Tucker also making on defense new Chargers defensive back Chris Harris junior there are a great honor man and just it bankrolled alma mater work it is really gained notice out there should not have to go Gary but it's next decade Chris Harris junior on the Jim Rome show here on CBS sports radio and we now have a revised golf calendar for the rest of twenty twenty the PGA championship will be in August the U. S. open has been moved to September the masters tentatively scheduled now for November and the British open has been canceled I'm Brad Heller reach out to us on Twitter anytime our handle is at CBS sports radio you're listening to after.

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