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A great respect and admiration for Jeremy Piven left what a great with a laser focus actor I mean Jeremy Piven is world famous comedic actor known as our you golden HBO's entourage kind enough to join us he's performing September twenty first at Hunter College at Cape Playhouse Hey Jeremy we really privileged to have you on the show man how you doing this morning my friends I'm good how are you man good good management lest honestly was backstage at a Bruce Springsteen concert your member I think we're at the met life for at the Meadowlands or something right and it was great to see you a you owe your New York guy Chicago die but you always admired Springsteen Jeremy absolutely I've been a fan of his for for years after that they took the the wrecking ball to that stadium at right after that that was that was very is exactly right it was great to be yeah I got it I have to tell yet and I'm a huge fan and a and then people gonna go we're gonna tell everybody at September twenty first header college when everybody to go and I wanna talk about you but when you did when you did that I recall character brother I got to I think I told this when I saw him in person it was that he was so focused on this so far that was one of the great I'll tell you what is really one of the great performances I've ever seen him as ari gold what was the impetus to that and your inspiration for that character our world the whole thing was based on on Wall burglaries and he had you know obviously has announced rise and there is an alley in his life are you mad world is the agent you know who runs endeavor William Morris endeavor and he's you know a major player in Hollywood and so there are all those people that are perpetrated the show actual people in his life that's so funny man so that that was an actual character but just a guy I mean the energy that you put the energy that you have on camera my brother was just brilliant it was absolutely brilliant and then and then from my reason tells you just started Peter Chicago I'm sorry I should know this yeah I ES Arjun's either started actually be up at seven PM back but that we have with the there and I've been on stage since I was a kid and yeah I was probably forty movies in the end of my career and I remember I won the first year I did odds are that one the fresh faced the year award at thirty seven and I said there was nothing fresh about my face wait while your parents were actors and they had the Piven theatre in Chicago exactly so yeah I've been I've been doing it my whole life basically you know I know some people think they think that entourage was a a documentary and that I actually will Kerry told me was a fictional character yeah we we yeah we do that but by god you but that's because you were so out that big when you put it and you did Larry Sanders show man yet you know you were you were the head writer on the Larry Sanders show and we you work with rip torn what was ripped like to work with that you know god rest his soul he passed away recently use yeah this is really a brilliant actor he was he was perfect in that role and there's no like if I've ever used to living in Texas and we would fly in due to some of the stuff and just let the amazing life had is is that an entity you know it's under the radar that gave it to Hollywood it is saying it one of one of the legend yeah America is a great actor is well mannered tight he is so tell us what you gonna do we gonna do September twenty first in New York is going to be a hunter because a K. play out because you've you've do you still do stand up correct yeah I mean people don't they don't know and I think what's interesting is they see but I'm going to be coming to the theater to I don't know what I'm doing and it's that I love that because I grew up but you know on the stage and and was doing sketch comedy awards second city and all roads pretty much right now lead to stand up and so it is a chance for people to see who I am not a fictional character but who are you to set.

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