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Bye by the WHO I guess what? I'm trying to say folks as we all need to be better about things and laugh. Wake up smell the coffee or the tea. I don't know what you drink in the morning. Some people wake up and they drink energy drinks. I don't I don't get that myself. Seems like a heart attack and can if you asked me he there's always gotta be looking use your peripherals folks people behind you. There's people next to you. I remember what I was talking about. Now Dragnet Grocery House. They need to be wider. We need a browsing lane first of all on each side of the aisle. This is the lane where you can stop and you can look at stuff on our on the on the shelving. Let's he's green beans as an example again. Let's say all you finders. French cut green beans. Well you don't like them. French cut green beans. Just a little too fancy for your taste. You're looking for just regular cut green beans. She you stopped there and you pause and you're looking up and down You're looking at the shelves. You're reading labels all you can find as green beans that are cut the way you lock their no salt added. What was the funding that next to that Browsing Lane? Is the go through lane. I'm sure there's a better name for but basically it's You can just go by you. Don't have to worry about trying to pass them hitting somebody coming the other direction. Because you're GonNa have two lanes going either way the go through lame. That's what you need. Four lanes to browder lanes to go through. Lanes are passing lanes ups. Cheat Code. You passing lanes. I suppose that makes a little bit more sense than go through. You know what sometimes I go to the grocery store and I'm going down the main island. I just need to get onto the other side. I.

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