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Bloomberg the world is listening from the financial capital of the world twenty four hours a day and Bloomberg dot com on the Bloomberg business at this is Bloomberg radio these server always involves we will technology lead us out of this crisis the worst jobs market potentially in history it seems to really flex its muscles how quickly can we recover from this insights from Bloomberg experts are warning that that takes a more damaging than the labor market does the shape of the yield curve matter we're looking at twenty twenty one twenty twenty two really feel for Bloomberg markets all three on Bloomberg radio coming up we're gonna chat with bart van ark chief economist at the conference board on the may leading index will get a look at those numbers plus Barry results found over holds wealth manager get his thoughts on saving versus spending as the economy thinks about opening up the first let's go to great charitable birthdays for a Bloomberg business slash bike path venturing further into the red ball stocks extended losses is generous bonds president Donald trump's accusations the espys given up its early gains to as I say fall into the red China warned that it will safeguard its sovereignty security and interest and threatened countermeasures on that note let's check the numbers as we do every fifteen minutes throughout the trading day on Bloomberg radio S. and P. five hundred is down six tenths of a percent down eighteen dollars down three tenths of a percent down seventy one and the nasdaq down eight tenths of a percent down seventy one the ten year is up five thirty seconds of the of the point six six percent West Texas intermediate crude oil is up one and a half percent thirty four even per barrel comics gold is down one point eight percent now that seventeen twenty per ounce the dollar yen is it one of seven eighty to the euro dollar nine forty three in the British pound that our twenty two fourteen millions more Americans fly for unemployment benefits last week indicating major job losses are continuing to much after the pandemic started shuttering businesses initial jobless claims for regular state programs total two point four four million in the week ended may sixteenth that's a Bloomberg business slash Bloomberg markets he is under way with Paul Sweeney thank you so much we appreciate that as Greg was just reporting jobless claims came in and kind of right in line with expectations two point four three million jobs claims just a brutal number but.

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