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How to play football and then all of a sudden doubled alcohol level get behind a car and it's sad woman had losers her life put you know he'll do time and guess what someone if you have that much talent. They'll take them back they. You can't get guys that can run that fast. Well if he's going to serve time. How many. How much time is he gonna serve fifteen years. He's come out he's gonna be like thirty seven years old he's gonna sometimes vehicle hamasaki two years in jail and good time and i don't know even for fifteen minutes it's crazy damn like i said this year that the last couple years have been crazy as far as companies are coming out when we're concoctions. They're slamming pizzas into ice cream. They're slamming eggs into chocolate chip cookies or something like that where we're seeing the craziest craziest combinations of food that i never thought of well reza's right now and we go to four on that one reasons right now is no to making individual in crazy decisions as far as what. They're going to put in their chocolate peanut butter cups. Now i love rhesus. That's one of my top ten as far as like peanut butter. I like a snickers bar. But i like peanut eminem reece's and my favorite ice cream is moose tracks and the guy who invented researchers actually got laid off from his remarks from hershey. He created that at home with his wife and came up with him. And he it outsold all this stuff and they. They gave him a tremendous amount of money to come back and shoulder. We'll do what he. He realized that he had a great product but the distribution of sales the marketing all. That was smart enough to know. I can make myself very rich and sell the thing back to her. She's right so this guy right here or this company were here. Reasons is now come up with a tayo chip stuff. Peanut butter cup. That has finally arrived. Have you been asking for no have you wanting it. We don't know reasons is yet again leading the way in the snack innovation. It is time for the potato chip filled peanut butter cup now. My bad hangover days. I'll have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. With nacho cheese. Reito's in it. I've never had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Never had a racist cop so right here and take it away. News of the potato chip stuffed racist broken. September twenty on instagram. Who's reviewing a product at a lot of attention receiving over two thousand likes and numerous comments. The big cup with potato to the hot topic on twitter after the junk-food leaks post before promptly. Falling back off the raider in clifton park by the new surrounding fake cup with pretzels. Peanut butter cup which was leased in mid-september. Now i've had that. And i don't like it. The peanuts pretzels are to crunchy and they take away from the peanut butter inside. I'm anyone understand. The races was perfect. I mean everyone just liked the combination. Something here's a little side note. There's two sides on recess cops as you can tell them. A big fan won the pumpkin receives cup that they have during. Halloween tastes better than any other receives cup that they have now. They haven't changed the ingredients. I haven't changed anything like that. But the way that they shape the actual or you don't want to talk about. The reasons cub has like for christmas. Like christmas tree for easter. They have like it. Looks like easter egg for halloween. It hasn't like a pumpkin shape. And the pumpkin shape has more peanut butter filling than chocolate. So the ratio changes ratio changes completely and people say that that those are the best ones as far as rhesus peterberg. And you also know that when he was making it he was working on it and he had cooking at a certain time. Any accidentally overcooked it. And that's when he said. This is perfect. I like this is. That's how we that was the perfect recipe overcook. They're also coming out with a foot long sleeve a peanut butter cups reese's peanut butter cups. You know the little lawn. What's got all the ridges and stuff. They just released that. They're sending a foot long of sleeve a peanut butter cups coming out this season. So there you go and you got a lot. You got a lot to get into now something that you get into a lot. Are you a big pickle fan. Do you like pickles. Not particularly no well right now this weekend. Pickles bubba coast. Aw pickle boston's has come out with a new pickle flavored candy corn now. We're just coming out of like halloween season and stuff and Are you a fan of candy. Corn i love candy corn because their minds are grandmother's place. I used to bite the the white piece off. And that tasted one flavor by the orange piece off take the and then the the white or the yellow or brown depending on what it was but clawson's has now come out with candy corn. That tastes like pickles. You can eat them. You're gonna buy while we're out of season right now. We're just coming out of halloween. But yeah clawson's come out with this right here so if you see green the green candy corn by clawson they owned by the jar there. If they were in season would you buy them. I would try them. Look look them up and see if you can buy online while while you're doing that we'll get into the next weird flavor that they're coming into very different dave. I also have pickled flavored candy corn. Where'd you find out. I'm not getting. I'm looking on gokul. Not finding it. What are you typing in. For your search kosher dill ritchie's no not kosher dill receives your way off for doing clawson's candy corn dan. You're arbel type and type in lawson's candy corn pickles or something like that. What are you talking in for the search. Yeah i'm looking for neat reaches candy. Corn why are you looking for resources. You're totally wrong. It's clawson's pickles. You're stuck on the races right. Dan you you're getting here never mind. Can't find it all right well. Anyways kosher dill clawson's not kosher dill costumes. Candy corn candy. Pickles is available out there somewhere. I'm sure dan are you. Do you like Candy canes. I'm afraid to ask because you're gonna go into a spiral here agenda not too sweet for me so candy canes come out with all these different flavors they come out with the it. Pepper peppermint altogether mostly and then they have like different flavors. As far as like they have just regular candy. I don't like candy canes themselves. They're not suitable vicki and messy. They're not suitable to to hold. You know people. I like the small ones. Like if i can get the small one. I'll snap them off and put them in my mouth in the back. Corner like shaw. This company right here is coming out with archie. Mcphee has hotdog candy. Canes you heard me right. The legendary novelty candy cane is coming out with a hot dog flavored candy cane. Breyer the legendary novelty candy. Toy store based in seattle washington is known for its crazy confections and the new dishes just one of many many insane options of store offers every year. We do candy canes unique flavors last year. We did catch up the most popular american condominium this year we thought what's more american than hot dogs so and frankly speaking. That's bad news and good news. The bad is already sold out of the hotdog ones. i just. I don't know the only sold out. Because i made like twenty of them or something stupid like that but yeah so they. The good news is there's so many more options to choose from so this company called. What's it called archie. Mcphee is who makes the candy canes they have also candies include tastes like kale mac and cheese. Ham should talk mushrooms. was that fo- pu follow. Yeah no it's it's i think it's poo poo. Platter pickle allah sock. Tv pick out of stock bacon out of stock and catch up out of stock. The they have sardine. They have sardines god talking on so the companies coming out with all these different flavored candy canes and hot dogs the latest one that they put out there and they are sold out already. There's something wrong with us. It's horrible now speaking. Something horrible wrong with this dan. What is your type of music. What's music you listen tilak blues and i like classic rock. I like dark music. Something.

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