Doughty, Israel discussed on See You Next Wednesday - Episode 290 - Happy Death Day, The Meyerowitz Stories & Werewolf


I really have a lotta time for a lot of this record but again fully admit putting this out there that like there is some stuff on this record that is fucking discussed album com it's called the south park psycho by the notorious an ip yeah so it's gangsta and i p g a n k sta or the k yeah couple different gangs the nips on yeah he's got a bunch of different versions of spelling his name guys in the short can using my gangs the napoli yeah yeah so i for me the like doughty's the your name yeah the first chunk of this album downward assured of his album governor nobody stomach is the parental advisory sticker so the reason why and what's going on here the reason why i'm giving gardening staff yeah i'm giving you this record because the first the first real song in us elms called a horror movie rap i think we may have even disaster gave your years ago this is his face on the on the run in the young gang stood up for you pooping yeah what evident boop i it's okay if you are didn't yeah no so i get the out so as the as kids out there and israel della something eventually yeah one of the big red the next to a mother's album no i give up thinking of the kitty but it's not a get email happening there so the the first half of this album i have a lotta time for i admit that as you listen to you get worn down by it but the thing about what the reason why i say wait into this record with the trying hard thing is his lear ex are so.

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