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Twitter and download on itunes soundcloud and Google play. Welcome back to the GMC movie podcast. We are finishing up episode. We are continuing to talk about dumpling, which is a lovely and cute film on Netflix outright. Now in streaming. Another part that I wanted to mention about this film is I really enjoyed the performance by actor Mattie Balbo. And I think she's so cute. She plays a character named Millie. And I thought she was a her and Jennifer Aniston, probably so my favorite actors and this movie, and I just thought she did a great job and really exuded that character, and she sort of bubbly and fun and smiley, and I thought you did a really good job on that. I did think it was cute win. There's there's a part where the main girls go to a bar to go see Dolly Parton show, but little do they know it's not a daily part and show. It's Dolly Parton night, basically at this bar, but little do they know that it is a drag show, and they're all these drag. To come out and perform as Dolly Parton, which I also thought it was great. That really was surprised free. When it happened some of it because I was like there in Texas, and I don't it doesn't look like Austin. There's a drag bar out here performing Bali Dolly Parton like every Saturday night. So that's a prize me a little bit. But it was a good surprise. And glad they put it in. And I really thought that it was cute and just sort of the this relationship forms between some of the drag queens and performers and these girls are going into a beauty pageant, and it's really cute. You get to see them sort of like grow. And you get to see these drag queens helped the girls with their dresses and with their pageant walks, and they do really good job. I will say this is a cute film. I think it's fun to watch. But I would like to add a few of my criticisms to this. I had mentioned earlier that I wish the film had maybe dealt more into like dumpling like the things that she's thinking about and a little bit more into like her head about feel like there could be a lot of complicated relationships here. Like complicated relationships where you have like the Jennifer Aniston, characterize her mom with dumpling. And I just wanted a little bit more insight into that. Really? Also, I there was some parts of the acting that I felt were awkward some of that could have been because it felt like there could be more details to fill into the stories, and like, maybe they cut scenes or something or there was just so much the actors were trying to convey that it became difficult because also some of these actors the actresses who play the some of the girls in the Paget, they're very young. So I'm like, well, maybe like it was just like not translated well via the acting. I don't know. But I just felt like there were few awkward moments. When I didn't quite get what they were going form. I saw Jennifer Anson was great, but some of the other characters and their interactions with her confused me a little bit. Overall. I would say if you're looking for a doorbell story. You know, someone that's appropriate for young girls, and sort of feeling like it doesn't matter. What you look like you're still beautiful. I I really think this can be an encouraging story. Also, there's one more point that I wanted to bring up, and it's something that both the films I on and dumpling made me think of and this is a little bit more personal. But it really to me. Sometimes I always feel like you should be able to have your such great self-confidence, and to be really strong and just be, you know, the absolute best that you can be when situations difficult like when you're in an underdog situation that you should be able to be super self-confident and just like glowing no matter what. And that's what really really strength is. But watching this film's in Siahaan. Scientists great wrestling and dumpling dumpling really comes out in this beauty pageants. She really shines.

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