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Well this week show. I speak incredible. Bamford about performing under stress. There's usually two point six challenge in London. Go elite only Tom's back in his shed. I'll be really running with Liz. Plus you guys right Iran Iraq. You kick around the House. Really Tom Williams here. We are doing good to be back for our monthly monthly ketchup. We spread the bathroom to a little bit with the show now. And so you know I don't get to speak on. The marathon took land much frequency as we used to miss me. Dino loads and loads and loads microphone gag back recently now. Was it good? You know the one. We did what we tried to do. Math live on the ground ready. Yea Funny I'm not really a normally for about fifteen years. I've been welded podcast and clearly marathon tolkien but now working from home and all the time and being in the shed. I don't really have much podcast time and I've tended to be of got people now have no concept to hate painting. My mosques to make size is being being on the indoor rower and I've tended to sort of routine is at the end of the day work day of get on the rower and watched the press conference from number ten while I well I go so. That's kind of taken. The place of podcast. So I'm so far behind on podcasts including cyberia marathon you spending your entire day in your office because you you know even getting out exercising like you just completely full. Shed we walk. We walk the kids to school on the morning. Yeah yeah that does that mean the same as we do so we walk about long and comeback. Here we talked on our you up to an hour so we'll go will normally say we have full inside inside scoop on my daily routine daily routine but we we do. I have a call to a program. We have a daily call with a few of us. seven thirty in the morning every single day. Where we catch up on what? Where's everything in Pokhran? Will Relations Corona virus so that call every morning seven thirty to eight thirty and then normally Helena sometimes just sometimes just I but normally handle i. Then take the kids out thirty for an hour's walk to school as well. I mean the the old world school was any that fifteen minutes longer than that but we walk around the block and we do that together as a four. So we've got nice little nature reserve nearby. We want around the nature reserve and come back and then I stopped my kind of working day at nine thirty And I'm doing a little bit homeschooling but not masters healthy most of that and then I tend to finish my day. I finished my day today with a comeback. Two thousand meter. Pb actually come back on the hour before we recorded the show. We're recording at five thirty. We started talking five. Do you tend to. I'm sure I've said this. Before on the show recklessness for the last decade will know that when you get into something you do get into. It is that what is that. What's happening with the with the rubber? I'll tell you what we were laughing too. I am the king. The absolute self proclaimed King of close. But not so close but no cigar. Yeah we've done Madam. Ten done ten by thirty second Max effort on the road. 92nd recovery with a good friend of the show. At Professor Andrew laying are at the end of an odd odd donate. I done fifteen hundred thirty meters or something like averaging under fifty three meters in each of the second of all I thought. Oh fifteen hundred thirty. That's not bad. Six hundred nine is a is a mine and that would be five minutes ten thirty second effort. So that's a nice little target so I made the mistake of mentioning it on twitter. Of course Andy Lane went straight on a knocked out of the park needed like sixteen hundred twelve or something. Talk really strack part. But he had he'd gone rolling starts on each of the intervals and I hadn't gone from a standing start so I'm GonNa show you so I got back home not the same day like two each got back on and I thought we got one hundred sixty one. Meat is a rap and I did hundred sixty four in the first one. I thought I'm going to smash the parking lot detonate absolutely detonated and sixteen undertake so I missed it by meter. Remind.

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