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Few did give us the background there. Yes so what led up to. that is after. I'd come to this. Saving faith and revelation through the book of hebrews at the mormon church was not what it claimed to be I had actually publicly professed in front of about forty or fifty mormon missionaries. My new found faith. In jesus christ so as a missionary who is concluding my two year mission trip i was supposed to stand up and share my testimony in my testimony had radically changed from the beginning of my mission to the end and so i actually publicly professed that i believe that jesus was all that i needed that was saved by his grace and not by works and now new for the first time in my life that i had right standing with god and the forgiveness of my sins through the shed blood of christ and so as a result of that public testimony my mormon leader ended up calling me and said we need to. We need to chat and so that was when the two of us went into a meeting and we talked about three hours. And i very candidly shared with him. The things that i had been reading in the bible that i'd come to know that salvation was independent of the mormon church of any religious institution but totally dependent on christ alone told him that i no longer needed the mormon prophet or any earthly man to mediate between me and god. There was one god and one mediator in that is christ and so all of these things. I came forward To him and he responded by telling me that was filled. The spirit of the devil I was being deceived by satan. And then he threatened excommunicate me in my mission was terminated. Three weeks early. And at that point i then is a twenty one year old Mormon missionary was put on a plane and sent back to utah and had to face my family and my friends okay. What was that like facing your family and your friends when this is over so it was terrifying. Because i didn't know how they were going to respond. But praise god they. They had very soft hearts toward me. My parents i think were very confused. But they never Ostracize me. And i think that they were curious as to. Why is there mormon son who had been so dedicated to the faith. I was willing to walk away from that. And what was more valuable about this message. That i had found in the bible and so i gave them the challenge. Read the bible. I give that to my siblings to my parents and And just encourage them to go to the source. I actually ended up leaving utah immediately. And i moved back to florida. Which is where. I had served my mormon mission and my girlfriend and i ended up getting married and we discounted started our whole new walk as of christ a hand in hand recognizing that you know we had everything that we needed in jesus and then back in utah got was working in the hearts and lives in my family members Through his word. So did your parents and other family members come to the same conclusion that you did eventually. How how long did that process take so. My older brother who at the time was a senior at brigham young university in my younger sister. Who is a senior in high school. They were the first in my family to come to saving faith in jesus christ beside myself and that happened very quickly. I'd say within a few months my parents know they were so much more entrenched in in this and they also had a lot more to lose. My mom was a tenured professor at byu so professing a newfound faith in christ and not the mormon church anymore would mean losing her job her tenureship. I mean everything and so But god worked uniquely and individually in each one of their lives. My mother actually went to the gospel of john and right from the beginning. John one one in the beginning was the word and the word was with god and the word was god that that verse in and up itself contradicts the very nature of christ as taught through the mormon church and so god began to work in her heart. My father's heart as well and they've both come to saving faith in jesus now Alter the praise and glory of god. Wow gosh this stuff. It can be so hard for people whether you're coming out of a mormon faith or or muslim faith or i mean for me I was raised in the greek orthodox faith and for me. It's different because i don't think that they teach anything that is wrong but they also often don't teach what is right or even understand what is right and then if you say well i'm born again. They would say well then. You're not with us anymore. Why have you rejected. You know being greek and being greek orthodox anything. Well i haven't right we're all this is all there's only one faith we believe in the nineteen creed we believe in the same thing so it's always difficult when you go through this process where it can be difficult and god tells us inscription. Count the cost and are you willing to do that. Are you willing to lose all for my sake. And if you're willing often you don't have to lose very much in other words. You know your parents come around. And so. It's a beautiful thing to see that that happened for you. But i i want to ask. So what are the sticking points and when your mother reads john one one. What is it that so clear in mormon teaching that bumps up against what the scripture teaches. Another what are they. What are they really really clear about that. You say is antithetical to what it is to believe that the bible is the word of god so there's a few the first one is the very nature of god himself right so in isaiah forty three forty four. We know that there's only one god. And there's no other god beside him and god has been from eternity to eternity and and he is not a created being but in mormonism god is actually a man who has progressed to become god and so they believe that we as humankind can also become gods ourselves and so there is a different view on the very nature and eternal existence of god and jesus as well so in mormon theology. Jesus is actually a created being by this father. God who was once a man. I think we're at a time in this segment but We're gonna be right back talking to mica wilder. Hey folks. I'm talking to michael wilder passport to heaven. The true story of zealous mormon missionary.

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