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They are being pitted against their teammates. Chad Green Lewis Sesa Jordan Montgomery Jonathan Holder Glacier Torres Luke voight Miguel Andrew Hore Mike Tuchman Tyler Wade Jonathan Louisa Mike Ford in Kyle the mind you could do it without my help. Higgins hit yes yoga whatever. Not if it's yoga right so and then of course you have Severino Hicks who are both on a injured reserve so so if you take a look at the Yankees payroll you see. There are a lot of guys on this team that make less than a million dollars and these are the guys that basically the owners are trying to say. Hey we're gonNA make you guys mostly whole but we're gonNA screw your teammates and I would say that if I were the Jordan. Montgomery's of the world the Miguel and horrors of the world. Who I think is a great baseball player. The Labor Torres is a great baseball player. I would say you know what I'm with the Union. I'm with the guys that are making the big money because one day my hopes and dreams are to be that guy making that. Kinda money I will not. This would just be me talking about being a part of this team. I would not against my teammates. That are making the big money because one day. I hope to be one of those guys but this is where I think this is mixing too much what the future is and what the president is. I mean it seems like the players feel like if they give in now to this pandemic season proposal that all of a sudden in the future everything that they want is going to be ripped away from them and I don't see the evidence of that. I don't think this is one of those. You can't put the toothpaste back in the tube things with the players. I mean I understand that negotiations when you go into it with a personal anger towards the other side. Don't normally go well in the beginning. And that's something they're going to have deal with with the new. Cba But why is it that the players feel like if they negotiate here and give the owners what they want that the next time around when we're talking about a totally different world than what we're living in right now that that next CBA is also going to get stuff taken away from them well? I don't know that that's always. That's always the thought in the back of the mind of the players association's that things are going to be taken away from us in some way shape or form and it may not be as clear as we think it is but when we finally get the thing signed and put it in place now. All of a sudden things are missing. But you know what's interesting about all of this so I I gave you those contract numbers for a number of these players and and starting with Brett Gardner I would. I would like to think that all of those players have had great relationships with the owner that they play for the Yankees Steinbrenner family because they are all getting paid extremely. Well so if you're if you're I don't know Tanaka. Let's say you're Tanaka. You've been here since the beginning of your career when you came over from Japan. Are you upset with Yankee ownership? Have they not done right by you? Yeah there's no way I can't see him being upset but the point like it's a weird deal you have guys like I'm sure Garrett Cole when he signed his thirty six million dollars a year contract. I'm sure he was excited as hell think about putting on the Yankee uniform and I'm sure that law and Randy everybody over. There rolled out the red carpet for him. It's going to be great. You're going to be a Yankee. You're going to be the guy that we need to take us to the next level. Bob La all of that stuff and you know damn well. He's not upset with the Yankees tonight. Those guys that I feel like if he would go out there and play for zero dollars like he's the Musi or it's the guy that would play for the honor of the game like I'll go out there. I don't eat anything I'm just GONNA go out there and pitch like that. That would be his his personality. But there's a lot of guys who do not think that way and there's also a lot of players who don't love their ownership group right. Well this was the big thing back in eighty seven Rosca Cincinnati happened to be one of the cheaper teams and we had bones practice facilities. You know it was hard to get an extra t shirt for practice. Believe it or not you. Could we ask for Jersey so it can give it to a charity? No I mean things like that. Were just like impossible to come by. Meanwhile you're playing for eighty two barlow out in San Francisco and he's handing you envelopes of cash after Games. I I mean who wouldn't love to go play for that guy or you know in today's world play for Jerry Jones. Seems like he's got more ex cowboys on on the payroll. Then he does actual cowboys. Oh that's the dream. Isn't that the dream like to be a guy who has success for an organization like that and especially like wins the championship and not only. Are you a beloved by the owners forever and you're welcome back and you can go to the box and whatever it is but then on top of that wherever you go in that city. You are a hero. I mean that is. Those guys are getting appearances. Like twenty five to fifty thousand dollars in appearance to show up during the football season. Then don't implant anymore. Like former former cowboys former packers former steelers like places like that. I think well because you're Just a hero in those city. You can be in since I you know I. Don't you know the Rooney's honestly the Rooney's run their team? Much like the Pinger until they're same thing same thing same time. Same types of owners. Yeah I would say the spendthrift owners or the guys like Jerry. Jones is one of those high profile guys you know there's not a lot of them in the NFL. There's more of them in some other sports. But even Bob Kraft. Watch what he spends because Bill Belichick tells them what to spend right. You know he may be. He may be a high profile guy but he's not overspending for people and you see them running out there. Giving seven year deals for four hundred million dollars well also but Jerry Jones also spends on stuff that is encapsulated right like he's going to have the Best Stadium and the best practice facility and the best this and the best that the yacht in whatever. So that's that's where he likes to spend as well so it doesn't necessarily affect the cap but he's he's also spent a lot on the team that is affecting the cap as well but he he is invested in the cowboy brand. Yes like the Steinbrenner family has invested in the Yankee brand. That's why the Cavalry Yankees came together. And they and they formed a basically management or stadium management company together so it makes total sense because you're investing in two of the most iconic in all of sports in the world and you're making so much money away from.

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