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Go so far as the AC? Having Bluetooth. Wi-Fi. Doors, locks. You can unlock a whole door. House would be pulling up with his car that drives us on a Tesla. And he's on it. He's talking shit to you on the radio. See, but I get that aspect of that. That's good. Oh great. Of course, the upgrade. So today? But that's the thing now, but that's the true fear in modern day society that we're giving too much control, but we are already considered. Did you see the actual dolls for kids? There's some dolls for kids for underage kids that they gotta be careful and take out the Bluetooth on them. Because there's people talking to your kids. Yeah, I just kind of find this. That is scary. You imagine you're, I don't know. Whatever age your kid is, and you decide to find that and you just have to say, look at anyone from Kenny. Turkey. But community outside, but when you see they're trying to tape the old child's play like, remember your dogs will talk to you like, what are you pulling woody and he's like, oh, I'm a cowboy. They're trying to take that aspect and put it into today's society. Like you were saying. But like during that time, they had like a whole thing where they thought for me were possessed. And so I mean, it's kind of like what's the problem? I never heard of that. Yeah, people are just not realizing. It was start talking on its own or whatever. Even when they took out the batteries. So doing things. Yeah. I never heard of that. Yeah. So my dad had a little thing. Somebody would lie about that. It was quite a couple people that came out saying like, oh, even when I took out the better. And the whole thing with the ones that tickle me Elmo too? They were possessed as well. Man, people. We're trying to make a lot of work. People trying to get some clean beta. Tipping memo. No, I tickle you, boy. Or like, oh, look, this one, that no one piss me off scream. What? Scream is around person ball. I'm not trying to bag all hard people. But if there's like two people involved, it's like Batman. What about those? He didn't steal somebody else's legacy. So anybody else could put on the hood and stuff, and you know, just continue on the bottom. Same thing kind of falls a scream all over there or humans, but want it to be between a circle and a daughter this big. If you think of dude, if you was a serial killer, and you were like, what, 6 foot two? Three? You'll be a scary serial killer 'cause at this point, you gotta do something smaller than you, shorter than you. You played football at that point. Look, you can see your body stature already. So you can still feel, so now if André the Giant was a super cutter, this mass, 7 foot four, 6 one four three. That's different. Oh, that's different, huh? Yeah. So now you're not gonna do it, but you're not gonna regulate your color? Yeah, you gotta you can discover about the old dude behind you and it goes your stove, which is trying to skip you and pulls up a gun ban your head. That's true. He's 7 years old. You got no fus. Everybody eats a half hour cholesterol. Yeah, but scream was not. Screen was more common than scary. But what I'm trying to say is going back to that is that that's more than one piece more than one person at work trying to kill you. Or whoever is it that he has to go. True. So if one person is very dangerous, imagine two or three. I'm looking together. It goes back to jigsaw, John Kramer. Yeah. He has a game. Squaw? He had a cold, man. I said, no. Yeah, people are like, I definitely shit, but you know what? I'm talking about scream though. I mean, I don't understand what you mean. I just regularly humans. You could just not one, two, three? But you gotta come out of smart. Did you know who it was? True. Fuck all that. Look at spending $2. When I looked at the big House, it was 6 of them. I kind of got seen it. I wanted to see it. It was 6 of them in the room last night. He come through the big door, the black guy is the first guy right down the chair. He slashes him. Anybody start running. This is one dude. 6 of y'all. But what's the difference between that and Michael myerson for people and Michael Moore has superhuman strength? That's all in the story dog. You know this dude is hulkamania over here, trying to kill everybody. Well, both so I wanted her to wait in line to fight him for. Well, you have to. You have to. And then the day. Pete, you still drive the chocolate. Let's get out of here. I guess at that point, you look you like any other door to accent, it's not like gets you on the teams all yours and finally. They went to turn to walk to them. At that point, once he got the first one, that was like a test. Oh, he could be a human escaping the fight because they don't know he's in. No. Exactly. And then the second one was like, I gotta defend Larry. Boom, he then. The third or fourth should have been like. No matter what we can look for. It's not gonna be in the Congo left behind. It's 5001st time even put them in Michael Myers, but most times as well as cops. What kind of latest healthcare water? What it costs what, don't worry. You're gonna let your boy get you out of your boy. All the flavors. But I understand why much is different. He's superhuman strength. You know? Living some of his kids are Halloween too. No, I know. They're not comparing Apple. Into a woman picking up a one hand. Why he was looking at Loomis and Lori. It's a popsicle. That's a pop star. But always on the next level when it came to killing dog. I agree. Next level of getting killer. But I wasn't comparing him to those. I'm comparing the style of fear. Some people just shoot 2000 ads by her. Stabbed him. Hey, it's a different group, it's a different crew. Maybe they're not used to dust, have you seen that? I mean, deaths could be in that committee and that neighborhood. It could be none. When dude died, oh, crap, I ain't used to this. Gotta go. And then will you tell me earlier about, you know, your boyfriend and stuff? Seeing a dead body, he was just frozen. Yeah. You know? That installs fear. He'd never seen a dead body. He saw that body. Some people would just freeze. What do you grew up? Yes. Very soon. Everybody's different, man. Everybody's different. You can't go about a man like that, 'cause everybody's different. Yeah, you had a party. They probably drugged up, they all probably drunk. Drunk guy trying to fight him though. When they showed up to be a scene. Freddie was Jason. What about riding Jason? The part where the in the beginning where the girl was like, I was bent. Oh, are you doing? He was like, hey, Matt, what's up? What do you mean fight him? Hey, that guy was dumb. That guy was just like, you know, he was trying to. He has sex already, right? He had to say, you know, he will win. It's a $1000 one. Jason lets you smile. Don't let you smile. He wins. Jason, let's use my ass. He will hear you for the smash hit. And then came by yourself. You're respectful. The dude's smashing. He grabbed a dude. Who doesn't that go on, you know? Imagine that. He's not like, you're a little tent. You know, union there with your girl. He's like, yeah, boy. Oh my character so they got it. You were the last in the last 13. They also asked him, she said, if I was to check, I hear something. Like, okay, you hear something cool. Oh no, no, I hear, okay, cool, go out there. You know, it's like ten minutes later, you like. God had gone everything, though. They know Jensen come back to the tent, you know? She's like, oh, it's not playing around. See?.

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