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Miss it so much, I. Love it so much and great I mean your students love you I, hear it all the time we have clients come in the office. Thank you so much I. Just I miss it. I. Look Forward to doing it again, it will happen again and I'll even have the opportunity to to do some zoom classes at whilst I'm looking forward to that. That'll be great. There's a really so much information to share today. So let's get started. With some of the statistics I WANNA share about brain disorders. About one in four adults in the US, suffer from some of the diagnose -able mental disorder. Depression effects. One in ten adults in is the leading cause of Bentoel disability. Medication like PROZAC Zoloft or among the depressant drugs most often prescribed in the US. And we were talking Jan that There's actually a shortage of zoloft right now due to the anxiety and depression in our country. That's right. We know drugs treat depression, but not the cause of the depression and the good news is the leading science research is discovering that brain health and brain diseases such as depression anxiety are connected to what goes on in our gut. Research is now telling us that we are actually what actually takes place in our intestines. Today may determine your risk for anxiety depression and memory problems. I. Know In clinic. I'm seeing so much anxiety, and this was even prior cove Ed. Yeah. Surprising amount of anxiety and depression that I'd never seen in thirty five years. It seems to increase over the years. You Bet it's it's sad and you may be thinking what happens in you got stays got however in reality researchers. Researchers are finding all of the various micro organisms that living your gut is specially the good and bad bacteria that affect your brain health, and we're gonNA talk about that. When come back down bravely, you're listening to dishing up nutrition brought to you by nutritional weight and wellness I'm Melanie Beasley and I have been registered and licensed Dietitian for many many years and I've worked with a variety of clients with a wide range of nutrition dis joining me today Jennifer Schmid Anthony. I got that wrong. Came to nutritional weight and wellness as a client. A. Well, how many years? John Fifteen eight years ago, she went on to complete the training program to become a fantastic nutrition. Because of the health benefits were exactly what she needed. That's right. Jennifer, has been teaching a variety of in-house nutrition classes that she mentioned in person and up until the cove in nineteen restrictions then she'll be doing some zone. But now she's She has taken to teaching classes via zoom and Co. hosting our dishing up nutrition radio.

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