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To the podcast you can also help out by sharing these stories with your family and friends. Many of these cases can be solved if the right person. Here's in and provide the necessary tip. That could lead to salmi. And that's enough of the coffee business. I would like to start off by saying that. This is my one hundred thapa said when i first started this podcast. Two years ago my soul jacked was fine unsolved homicide cases that were mostly forgotten by the public and the menial two years later my objective remains the same unfortunately thousands of people disappear annually in just as many homicide cases. Go on saw over the past. Two years i've spoken to over one hundred people including law enforcement parents siblings france and authors about various missing persons cases and unsolved homicides. Unfortunately many of these cases will go on solve. There are many different reasons for this either. The suspected perpetrator is deceased. There's no evidence. There's no witnesses or there's no one that will talk about what they know can't even imagine how parentless field either have murdered child or have the child could missing. And i know some of these family members have gone to their brains with a rogan heart because they died without ever getting any answers. For instance brought forty nine and the podcast. I interviewed a former reporter. About the case under dearth of brookville. Linda was a thirteen year old student home from school. To commemorate the funeral of former president lyndon johnson she was raped and murdered on january twenty fifth nineteen seventy-three parents have gone to work in a rather had gone over to help. His grandmother was chores today nearly fifty years of passed since linda. His early killed inside iran. Home the police have never identified the killer after the podcast betty dirt whose linda's mother reached out to me sheared some details of the case and even told me that she was positive that she could like them. Five men killed her daughter however she said that neither her nor law enforcement could versus. She mentioned new family. Well then he told me that this man post likely new on the schedule and probably knew that she be home alone that that he told me that this person is still alive and that this case will probably remain unsolved sat. Betty has since passed away. I find it disturbing that she passed away without ever seen justice for one. I have a feeling they were united after betty department this another case that has left her parents. Heartbroken is local to main. This story involves a homicide of the young pregnant mother named brittany stikes. I covered this story. And abbas if the eight of the blog cast on august twenty eight th two thousand thirteen written. He was pregnant air. fourteen month. Old daughter were on their way to britney's father's home celebrate his birthday. They never made pastor. Why found the deceased body britney and her dog the killer had shot bringing enter broader thankfully the daughter survive fortunately name brittany and her unborn. Child did not survive for the opposite. I spoke to. David dodds whose britain's father in the two homicide detective zubin searching for word news killer. I feel like this was a personal attack bringing most likely newer attack her. I also think that it's possible. The person who killed her may have known britney was going to her father. Schoneman did share my thoughts with the detectives. And i can't say that they have looked into every situation led to her death problem with this cases. No one is talk this case we need to tip to solve it. When i started this podcast. I wanted it to be you need. There are so many podcasts. About true crime but i didn't wanna follow the same format and just retell story with information bound leader. Because i know that much of the information on the internet about these days isn't true. I cringe whenever i hear. Podcast share untrue. Information about cases and i'm mayor for my podcast. I wanted to share unknown facts about the case. Public wasn't aware of so. I decided to go with a completely different format so i have interviewed family members friends reporters and authors and are familiar with the stories and i let them tell the stories on the half and the victims cash micheel podcasts dedicated solely to the victims. It's not an investigation of podcast. It's more of what i would consider a dedication to the victims and their families and it's really important for people to share these stories because more people that listen the better. The chances are that can reach the right person who has vital information about a gays for the one hundredth episode. I interview joanne lewis. Who is the mother of sixteen year old. Alexandra alli loeser. Lieutenant sprang high school in spring. Texas allie was your typical teenager. She enjoyed life. She had friends and she loved her family. Allie was active art choir softball and she was also in the girl scouts with the lives of the lord's family would change forever on april twenty. Six two thousand ten. It was just like any other day for the lowest survey family alley had called from school to ask her mother for permission to walk to the burger. Barn collector paycheck. The burger barn was alley's first job. Allie also wanted to see if she worked at night originally joey and said now but allie begged and pleaded. She had never walked job before. And it was only a short distance from her home after relentless begging from her teenager. Joey finally gave in and gave alley permission to walk her job after school on that day. Alley got off the bus at three o'clock and then began walking or she would disappear and never be seen again. Joanne told me that she was angry with the police because they treated alleys case is this she run away. Join told them that alley would never run away. She was positive something terrible had happened to her daughter. Let's call it mother's instinct because like any other parents. We know something's wrong with our kids. It would take the police view days before they finally opened the case and began searching for out. She's been gone for eleven years. There've been no tips or information about her whereabouts. Joanne has worked with a. Pi received a tip. That allie was a victim of sex trafficking and my inner trap. Housing join told me that the tip didn't lead to anything significant so joanna family continue waiting on finding out what happened to allah now on with the story of ali is told ramal jillian. I wanted to say that. I am familiar with your case. I remember hearing about it years ago. I don't know maybe it was five or six years ago or maybe it was not long after it happened. But i guess over the years. I just assumed that it was resolved. I thought maybe ali had come home or something. But i had no idea that there were still no answers to this case. We ran across that issue quite often especially like if i run into somebody not somebody that i really know but somebody that knows who i am. Sometimes they're like oh she's so missing well right because you never hear about it. There's never any updates or anything about this case. So i'm imagining a lot of people have never heard about it or even realize it. Your daughter is still missing and this is actually the reason. Why even started this podcast. Because i know that after the initial investigation for a homicide case or for a missing persons case. You don't hear much about it. The media goes away in the interest in the case just kinda vanishes then after a while. It's like nobody person is forgotten. And i just don't want that to happen to anybody. I want their case to be remembered. As long as i have the podcast people can always look at the different episodes. So these people that i've interviewed there on the catch killer. I haven't forgotten them. Every time i get a new listener than that new listener is probably gonna listen and then that person will remember that person as well and possibly share the information. That's what i'm trying to. Just bring awareness to missing people like alley so in your situation. I've never had a child disappear so there's no possible way. I could comprehend how you feel or understand how much you miss your daughter. But i would definitely liked you. Get the answers that you deserve. If you look at day. J- though even if somebody is in their twenties or thirties still somebody's child right. It doesn't matter. How old is your child is. You're always gonna love him and worry them so. Tell me about alley. Like when she was born and just kind of a young lady. Was she alexandria. Loescher she was born in pasadena. Texas like i was and my family knew to spring texas and i think she was in kindergarten and we move in spring to have.

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