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Sports radio ninety four w I nine twenty four WIP morning show. Joe Gilio John Johnson about to run through some calls hoping hoping for the best come Sunday night. And hoping that the Chicago Bears take it to the Minnesota Vikings and the eagles. We know they're going to beat the Washington Redskins. We extend our season into the playoffs. And who knows what will happen from there. We saw magic last year. Who knows if we could possibly see this year? We're also looking for a winner of the year and weasel of the year pay close attention, thus far, by the way, this is judged by Joe Gilio, you have to be created. You can't. Give me the obvious ones. My obvious one was Nick foles as the winner of the year. Our suggestions to top that thus far have been Tiger Woods. Doug Peterson gritty the city Philadelphia for what the city has gone through this last year Marie? And Aaron Nola weasel of the year. I had Bryan Colangelo. Suggestions thus far have been McClintock the entire Colangelo family. NFL officials the NFL General Danny aines the rest specifically in the Dallas game. And LeBron Jane and the caller who suggested trading both Winston, full caller. And the random caller who suggested you trae the eagles should trade Nick foles and Carson Wentz for other upgrades on the roster and start all over again best call of two thousand eighteen Tom and havington's on WIP. Good morning. Tom. Good morning, sir. What's up, Tom? How're you doing girl? I used to remodel houses as well. And I had the misfortune of having to install one of those tanks. Did you really male what a pain in the ass out was a guy? Oh my gosh. Yeah. I got a bone to pick with you, Mr. giggle. Yo what happ? What's going on? All right. So I know you're a wine. Trader I got that number wins realist? There's a difference. We're splitting hairs there. Airwaves as a Hager just to let you all. Right. Shows not a wind skies falls all the way. I know I got it. My issue is when you have a caller call up such as let's see Wade from Chester, right? It gives you factually. Inaccurate statements and ridiculous accusations about Carson Wentz. And you don't call on it. Like what like what tell me something? He said to me that I didn't call him out on. Right. So for weeks. He's been calling up and saying that Carson Wentz has never beaten a team with a winning record, which is completely. No. I know what he say. He said he has only beaten to and I think the answer might actually be closer to three or four whatever it is that the point is I think the audience understands the point even if he's not perfectly accurate on his fax perfectly. It's completely. Wait, wait. Wait a second. Thank you. Give me the number like if if someone's throwing out at Carson Wentz only be two teams winning with a winning record is whole career and the answer is actually three. What's the big deal is the answer nine or ten years two or three? You sound zero. That's the way he's I know what you're talking about. And the answer is I believe actually it's only three I think he's only beaten three TS with a win with a winning record. When at the time they've played well off the top of my head. I I know Minnesota and Pittsburgh. And either way either way, Tom we're on picking at this point. Did he do you? Do you think this Sunday night everything the stars will line for the eagles? Will they make the playoffs? Well, I think they're gonna handle business against Washington sports way. I think the bears are going to hold back because I agree with Mr. Lombardi. I think I think they want the Vikings again. I don't think they want any parts of what's. It's amazing. How everybody is scared of the eight and seven Philadelphia Eagles in the playoffs. Because of the quarterbacks right Noma scare eagles three weeks ago. Tom yum winner we. Watch hate against. True. Weeks ago? I don't know what you want me to say. I mean, he's not he's not lying. I mean, Nick foles back from the dead. He really did. You have a winter weasel, Tom. Yeah. I got weasel ties into how everything's going to go down this weekend. My weasel would be the gentleman who attack on fourth and seventeen at cost the eagles a playoff berth about Corey Graham who worry Graham tangled Tom as weasel of the year the fourth and fifteen versus the titans. Oh, man. I mean, I know it's it was a really poor really poor gain that that afternoon, but we're going to make him the the most vilified individual sports in the calendar year. I think the bigger weasel for that is the fact that grams on the roster I blame how that the fact that Corey grams on the field for big places of is the problem here. I mean, the injury certainly play factor. But you're right, Robin overbooks on WIP. Good morning. Rob what's going on gentlemen? Happy new year to you same here. Rob what's up? I I feel like. That was going to get. I know it was gonna be Washington. That's not a problem. But I think we're meal I gotta go against dick. And he's my man I was going to get in. 'cause I think I think Minnesota's gonna collapse. And Kirk cousins gonna do with Kirk cousins. News. Man. I hope you're right history. No history. I realized the situation that the bears are in however, Kirk cousins is one seven and one this season in teams against teams with a winning record. He is not a winning quarterback and career wise. It's about that. True for him. I looked it up. Robert I go back to a couple of years ago. They the Redskins when cousins was there. They were in this exact spot winning in home game. And they were taking on the giants who had everything wrapped up at that point. They were in the playoffs anyway. And he lost. They've arrested players on defense any through two picks. And they lost the game. It's almost the same thing as this game against the bears. Yeah. Yep. Kirk cousins best. Thank God bless. Real quick. Marquel? Phone is the thing about basketball that I love, you know, from watching basketball forty five gives you know, I love about basketball is you can't hide in basketball and other sports you can say, well, he needs time to develop or he might take two or three years and basketball if you can play or you can't play right? And we never exposed that. You can't play. You can't wait around. You know, it's not going to happen. My folks can't play. Now, you know Cleveland Cavaliers by five what five years ago, they took Anthony Bennett overall number one. Yeah. You're gonna D league. Yep. Yep. Ended up playing in the G league. And all no, I. It's so upsetting rob. Because if you look back to what you saw at Washington you'd say this kid can play he can play. He needs to develop his game liberties really young, but he can play the game and everything we have seen since. I mean, it's it's so disappointing. And so and it become it has become a headache that they no longer have to tolerate. Here's my favorite. You know? He could play in that development. He was in the league. I mean, we're hall for a couple of weeks we came back, and he couldn't play, and it was reported some sort of moping MO MO PA accident or something we heard his shoulder. Nobody's really looking into that sport. I mean as far as sportscasters. Who we talking about my faults folks never played in? He never played in the D league. Well, I mean his first year. Yeah. Yeah. Well, there was speculation that with that was an internet rumor that the Sixers who were asked about this. I can't remember if it was out in Bram grasped, but it was debunked saying that it wasn't true. That's as far as we went with it. Because at that point we were so with this whole saga going on and on and on and on. And we saw clear evidence that his shoulder was fine. All the while. He's saying it's her. Yeah. I it's something going on. I think it's it's not mental people weren't hop on the mental because that's easy, easy outfit. Yeah. Now, I think Mets mental there's no way it's physical this. This kid is dunked and risen up and slammed the ball down this year and felt fine. You can't do it. I mean, don't you think? Rob the time line is a little too coincidental to say that it's physical. Rob. Go monster. I've gone twice. See rob timelines to coincident. I know this is Mark how the going gets tough and robs out. He took his ball. Anyway. And he went home. I knew it Troy in the northeast is on WIP. Good morning. Troy. Troy wake up. Here's I'm here. What's up? How you doing man? I'm sorry guys. Pretty good recovery. Snoring to awaken a second. Hey, man this. Yeah. All mess around. Man. I talked about. What's going on? I'm I'm feeling good about Sunday. May I mean the the eagles game? I'm not worried about the I'm I'm thinking of beers. I've been magazine got this drink is going to have a great Gabby. He your everybody knows how to stay thousand Jordan Howard, the bears running back not we don't know if the top of our heads, but hamming so you feel wholeheartedly at the bears are going to help the eagles out. I really do. I think they're gonna help them out. I'm not saying that won't be a hard game. I think he's gonna be close. But I think I feel a whole lot better if they were playing Soldier Field. But I I still think they're gonna take it out and Howard needs one hundred seventy four yards on the ground hit thousand. So he's not gonna be a big day for our sake. I hope that happens. That'd be wonderful. But listen, I'm telling you, I I really I think the defense is it's going to be, you know, in, you know, as well as we do have you played the video games. They always better NFC north. You know, what it is? No doubt. Yeah. It'll be a it'll be a game. It'll be a close game. No doubt. There's so we think we blew I guess what we still got a Super Bowl ring. I'm still got their honeymoon period going on so true got a winner. Weasel a weasel for you, man. I big you might be a good one. We'll see. I got Kareem hunt Kareem hunt. Yeah. Let's see this is where you cross hanging. We're going to exclude that from the the the idea of winning this thing just like you cross that line. You know? I know it's the sports world. But then you're yeah. I get why you'd nominated. I'm I'm just going to exclude it because I don't know. How do I weigh that against everything? Right. Exactly. That's when you have to draw a line. Listen, Joe is the judge and jury hear what he says goes we have our her snack truck a gift card for a one hour massage or facial and hand in stone massage and facials spa and a pair of tickets for New Year's Eve fireworks on the battleship New Jersey, if you can top my winner of the year, Nick foles, you win all three if you can talk my weasel of the year in Bryan Colangelo, you will win all three the judge here is Joe, Jillian if that's an excellent suggestions, we're going to run through your calls in the final segment don't go anywhere as well. As maybe pick your brain a little bit because I think everybody is sliding Ben Simmons on fairly including you Joe. Julia unfairly criticizing Ben Simmons. We're gonna get jobs thoughts know, the well our times nine thirty six. Introducing.

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