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We'll find out what that's all about coming up here on animal radio before we leave today. Also joey villani. The dogfather continues to get in trouble with his peers. I'm talking about his groomer friends. His groomer friends hate him because he's always coming on animal radio and telling us the tricks that groomers us and today will happen again. So get your pen and paper ready. We're gonna help you keep your dog. Groom just like the groomer's gwyn are you doing. When was the first name. And i fish. I love that name. Fish quinn okay. I bet you're thrilled. Sorry bring it up. What's going on with your animals. What's going on. how can we help you. I've talked to debby ryan every time he can. We take in having flea dipped and everything. They continually get lead lots of lease dog. Okay what kind of dog you got there akaka pluto. Okay wonderful adorable little guys. What color is he. he's right. Aw all right. so so. He's got fleas in. Are they treating them when you get him groomed. Do you treat them at home with anything with nine. Yes okay and we even had a dog collar on it and it's not doing any good all right. What part of the country you calling from. I'm calling from los angeles california. Okay all right. So yeah you guys certainly got. I'm in Normally i practicing las vegas so in california you guys. You guys have all sorts of fun with fleas. That we don't get to have here in las vegas. We're very dry climate. So they don't really thrive very well but certainly in california the moisture Definitely the it's a haven for fleas. And you know that trick with fleas. Is that one. Product doesn't always do the trick alone and in many areas. The reinfestation of lease is huge. So you could treat the pet and everything on the pet can be killed but if going back into the environment where the fleas are which is very common in areas like california there's fleas outside It isn't uncommon for them to get reinvested. Always kind of have to look at that as possible reality and make sure that we're doing everything we can not just on the pet but even in the home or even in the yard to treat. It's kind of what we call integrated flea control so we're gonna treat more than just one method if one product doesn't do a very good you know what there's a lot of other good ones out there and in fact Advantage and advantix. The that's kind of a whole line of different Flea products they have some very good Products that can be helpful and some pets. It might work better for your pet and I definitely endorse a product. That has A combination of different ways that we can attack these critters. So there's little eggs there's little larva and the adult so if like find a product or products that tackles more than one. Life's cycle of this then. We're doing really good so you might want to look at Perhaps looking at advantage to Or advantix tim. Those might be some of the ones you want to look to. But i would stay faithful. I mean you gotta stay on top of fleas. They reproduce like crazy so one little flea can certainly add to mini generations beyond so One bite and one fleet can leave europe. Head-scratching leave you renan in circles after these guys right advantage you would suggest that i could Baby man of for their product or did anything that i'm not doing right because we constantly and he was gretchen. So bad to me scratching. I just take it into the bed. Came home two days. And he was scratching like he was eight scratching. Nick was bleeding. Oh well yeah in. In sometimes we do actually prescribe anti-itch products if if they're digging themselves up so badly because part of that is comfort and we want to stop that each cycle while we're killing these critters so If the vet hasn't already done something to help Some dogs. I'll add a little bit of prednisone just kind of help curb that a really intense each But a lot of it is. I think we might want to look at the environment and making sure that we're treating the yard treating the homeless really yard Is far as it's i personally prefer using a professional Getting a exterminator to treat the yard appropriately That would be one big thing now. Some simple things around inside the is that If you're using flee Callers a lot of times we have to address the vacuum. Because when you suck up those little flea eggs he can live and grow and reproduce inside the vacuum bag. So you wanna make sure that you're in. You're taking the house clean the filter. Yes so you wanna make sure you empty your vacuum whatever kind of vacuum you got in in the kind that you have if you have an actual bag in many cases will put a little bit of a Flea or tick collar. I'll put that actually in the bag to help. Kind of kill them as they're kind of coming around so that would be definitely one big thing and you know sometimes. There's a lot of debate about this in the vet world whether or not we have drug resistant flees out there And there are some veterinary researchers that say you know in some areas of the country. These critters are getting stronger. And that's one reason may be kind of mixing it up and trying alternate products for you One other thoughts that also is a bit controversial. Is that It's sometimes that win folks purchase flea and tick products from alternate sources. There's some concern about whether it's really that same product that you would get at your veterinary office and there are believe it or not. Instances of counterfeit fleeing check products out. There that are sold through catalogs and so forth from the store. Okay so if you're getting it from your veterinarian those are guaranteed and that's certainly much different than if you're buying it on the internet or getting shipping new walmart he's at the pet shop Okay all right still might be room for maybe talking to your veterinarian and see what they have on their shelf and what they might recommend because if these products are coming through these outside channels non veterinary channels. There can be the potential that they're coming from other sources so it was just something to consider walmart right but they're not a veterinary office and and they don't have a veterinary license to buy these products from the source. So that that's certainly the concern with some of these things. Okay yeah but i think some of those are some of the things you can do to tackle things and You stay vigilant really. Keep up the hard work And make sure. Would you treat the environment along with the pet and if you have any other pets that are in the home. Make sure they're being treated concurrently because cats dogs past these things around rabbits ferrets. So we've got to treat all the little critters otherwise you're going to just keep having problems there so my best wishes to you. I hope the itch scratch stops and you make me really happy. I live in a dry climate. So i don't have those fleas so having great one claw gwen. We appreciate it. It'll carry joy turner. Can you communicate to fleas. Could you could you ask them to evacuate go away. I have actually tried this. The way i have found it to work for me is interesting. Anyone could do this. I actually told them if they continued to come and mess with my kids. I was going to actually try to do something to get rid of them. Which for me. I use borax twenty milton borax on my markets and that pretty much keeps the fleas away. I am not infested here in washington..

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