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Done it, and I've seen it both in the papers and in the media. On television. It's been analyzed, and people thought that what I said was totally appropriate Johnson's he believes in respecting America's history and never once any violence. He also says the push to impeach him a second time is a witch hunt that is causing anger division and pain. College in Orange has refused to fire a professor who spoke at President Trump's Rally in D. C right before the capital was breached. Faculty and students at Chapman University claimed Professor John Eastman use conspiracy theory election fraud claims to incite an angry crowd, which led to the violence, Eastman says this is just another attempt to shut down free speech and any questions about the election preposterous to think that those speeches is what instigated what occurred down at the Capitol, a mile and a half away and that began occurring even before the president. Speech was concluded. Eastman did say people who broke the law should be punished. Chapman University says the professor can't be fired unless found guilty of a felony or disbarred in Orange County, Corbin Carson camp I need. State lawmakers have called for domestic terrorism teams to be created in case of an attack similar to the breach of the Capitol Senator Tom Umberg, who represents part of Orange County, says the law enforcement response in D. C was an utter failure if our enemies Had announced when they were going to attack how they were gonna attack who was going to attack and we simply didn't take adequate precautions, then shame on us. I'm Burke says new legislation would require the state to create units focused on domestic terrorism. The teams would gather and share info on extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and the California Democratic Party is hit back at the recall effort of Governor Newsome by trying to tie it to the insurrection of the capital. Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia says the recall is an attempted coup. Of the state government. In fact, there are folks as we all know that both have supported what is happening in D. C and the work that is happening here in our own state. The party cannot provide direct evidence showing a link between the people who organized the capital insurrection to the recall effort. The recall is a legal mechanism for the people of California to remove an elected leader through a direct vote. Let's go back to that crash.

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