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Obligations to one another envy, all the stronger foreign I walls, don't keep us safe at all twenty five now til the top of the hour. Bozo. Rourke at his very small attempt to compete rally with Donald Trump. I mean, there were did you see the crowd outside and I'll posso unbelievable. Anyway, joining us now is congressman McClintock of California discussing you know, what is now being a one trillion dollar spending Bill only one point three seven five billion as it relates to the wall. And nobody's had a chance to read the thousand page Bill, and I guess you have to pass it to find out. What's in it? Once again, congressman McClintock, welcome back to the program. How are you? I'm great, Sean. Thanks for having me. The battle comes down to this in my mind. And I wanna ask you about it that the president is fighting against the ninety percent of heroin in our country that comes across that border, the new Fenton, all and that kills three hundred people a week, the new federal crisis that we have he's fighting cartels human traffickers, including young girls being sex trafficking goes on he's fighting the gangs, and he's also fighting to protect America from those people that might commit other crimes we given the statistics on homicide sexual assault and violent assaults. What what are your fellow congressmen that are on the other side of the aisle, the Democrats, what are they fighting for here? Oh, they're fighting for open borders. I think they've made that very clear they see that as a political opportunity to maintain perpetual power in this country. And it relies on the sixty thousand foreign nationals that are illegally crossing our border every month of and and the problem with that is pretty simple, if we have no we're not gonna enforce our immigration laws. Our borders mean nothing, and if our borders may nothing we're no longer a country. We're just a vast International Open territory between Canada and Mexico both of which by the way, have immigration laws and borders that they actually enforce. Well, I I did see that you had written an editorial in the or an op Ed in Washington Examiner. And this is what I think you said declare emergency and build the wall. I think the president is going to let's assume for a minute they didn't put a poison pill on the one point three seven five billion for the wall. Which is all they've allocated for that. Now. They've also allocated another twenty three billion for everything else. But the wall, which I'm I'm happy about that. But the wall needs to be built that is the most fundamental part of it. The president says he has anywhere between nine hundred million and a couple of billion dollars of discretionary monies that haven't been spent that he gets to spend any way wants so odd. I think the president's plan is he'll simultaneously again. If there's no poison pill sign the Bill keep the government open if there's a poison pill. He may ask for short term CR, then he'll put those other monies together that he has the discretion to spend as he wants and then they'll declare a national emergency. And then they're going to go out to your state, and they're going to file a lawsuit which probably the Democrats will win. Then they'll go to the ninth circuit again in your state, California. Which is, you know, pretty socialist at this point, and they'll probably win there. But I gotta think the supreme court takes it up next. Don't you? Well, whatever he does. Even if it's using the congressional appropriation to build the wall, they're still going to try to block them in court anything he does they're gonna find a left-wing judge to temporarily block, but he is on absolutely solid ground in using his authority that dates back to nineteen seventy six to reprogram on obligated military, construction funds or projects for national defense. And I can't think of anything more important to our national defense, then securing our southern border, and you know, when you hear folks attack it they'll say, oh, well that's gonna come out of other military construction projects, and my response to that is what is more important securing the border of Iraq or securing the border of the United States. I just try and the Democrats always said they support this in Obama's second term. They all sounded like Donald Trump on the wall and funding the wall and building the wall they claim to care about dreamers, DACA. And they. Claim that they cared about furloughed employees. But it wouldn't even have a conversation with the president. Look look for years. Now, they have not even been able to call illegal immigration for what it is illegal. It's hard to believe that that they are opposed to illegal immigration when for years they've been working to reward illegal immigration with free tax payer page services, education, healthcare legal services, you name it, then you look at the sanctuary policies that they have been advocating for years, it released dangerous criminal illegals back into our communities rather than deporting them, you can't point to one thing. The Democrats have done to assist in securing our borders. They've done everything they can to undermine our borders. And that's why we're living with a crisis. We have today. Have you had any time to read any of this Bill? I assume you're probably, you know, handing off two hundred pages to this staffer toner pages of that staffer because you can't read a thousand pages. I read the portions dealing with the with the border wall. And what we know for sure from this is it's completely inadequate to address the crisis. So are there any restrictions on the president's spending? Yes. There are many restrictions on it, including they've carved out big sections of the Rio Grande valley where they're not permitted to build. They cannot start building until they get local government consultation completed. There are a lot of restrictions like that. But the principal question is this if it's not adequate to secure our border. He's going to have to use his executive authority anyway. And if he asked he uses executive story, anyway, why does he need the this appropriations Bill for the purpose of the wall? The other concern, I have is if this continues us on a spending trajectory that is producing eight trillion dollar annual deficit that's about eight thousand dollars of additional debt an average family in this country will have to pay through its future taxes. And is economists are screaming this warning at us that it is putting us on the verge of a a debt spiral that will lead to a sovereign debt. Crisis of. If if this Bill actually addressed our border crisis. I'd be willing to take one more step down that path. Let me completely inadequate to do. So I'm wondering what's the point Nita Lowey put out to our democratic colleagues a page and a half about the house vote on on the conference report covering the financial issues. Here, you know, billion for the census three hundred and eight million for research development, National Science Foundation. Twenty more million for the EPA hundred and sixty nine million for international peacekeeping, two hundred ninety three million for port infrastructure one hundred twenty three million for grants to combat homelessness. But then she has an altar an alternative to the conference report is a full year CR for the remaining bills. This would result in losing eleven billion and increased investments including the additional one billion for the census bureau that is desperately needed for our communities to be well prepared in the deck. That follows a CR would also lead to the department of homeland security spending two billion on border barriers and significantly increasing the number of detention beds sounds to me like the president should say no to this deal. And maybe just get the full two billion dollars, which is more than they're offering. I agree with you. And by the way, once she invokes is a thorny to reprogramme funds, and it's up held by the court. The Democrats are then being a very weak bargaining position. Yeah. I mean, so what are they gonna do? They gonna shut down the government because I don't think they have the stomach to do that either. Because this would be their shutdown. I can't read minds, and I can't tell fortunes, but I can tell you this this Bill does not secure our borders. The president even if he signed this Bill he's going to have to use his executive authority anyway. And an ultimately he's on very solid legal ground doing. So. Yeah. Is that true? What did allow lowest totaling her her own democratic conference that basically it's a better deal for Republicans not to support it? Well, what to see does is basically continued the priorities. Republicans set in the last congress the appropriations Bill removes a lot of those provisions. So it moves Moos much much farther to the to the left's idea of government, which is huge taxes huge spending. It can it to all farm seventy programs agreeing green energy subsidy programs, which are the worst form of corporate welfare. There are so yeah, I I agree with you. I think we'd be in better shape with a CR than we would with this Bill Tom graves from Georgia also joins us now they're fourteenth district. Welcome to the program. What's your take on this Nita Lowey report to her conference saying that well, we can have an alternative to their conference report of full year CR for the remaining bills that would mean spending or losing she calls it spending eleven billion dollar less and what she calls investments and the CR would also lead to the D H S spending two billion on border barriers and significantly increasing the number of detention beds. I think I liked that one Sean thanks for for going over there. Now appreciate Mr. McClintock was nobody more articulate on this issue and others than he is. But you're absolutely right. If this claim is true. Then I continuing resolution by far would be the better option if it is not true, then it should be debunked quickly. And and I think that's an incumbent on those who are who are researching minutes in reading this to say, okay. If that is true. Why are we not sticking with the continuing resolution, but aside from that, I think we should hit the pause button. Anyhow, I think we should be doing two week continuing resolution right now to allow every member Republican and democrat ample time to go through this legislation. It's eleven hundred plus pages, which I've seen. I haven't had a chance to review a one hundred percent of it. And I'm on the conference committee myself. I think this is such an important topic is such a comprehensive complex issue that every member deserves time to review it. And if you're up to get with the program, congressman with all due respect to you. You got to pass the Bill to find out what's in the dark. Your little behind here. You're behind the times why read a thousand pages for trillion dollars. I mean, that's that's a revolutionary thought. Yeah. Wish actually read something before we vote on it. But you know, there are folks who are worried about well, if we leave it over the next couple of weeks, then people are gonna shoot holes in it. Well, if it's bad policy, we shouldn't be passing if it's good policy. It will stay in the criticisms in the scrutiny over the next ten fourteen days. So this is a really important topic. And you Mr. McClintock, exactly, right. This is about securing our homeland. This is not about who's winning. And who's losing this is about security of our country and our citizens. All right. We'll take a break. More with congressman graves of Georgia. Congressman McClintock of the great.

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