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To keep it viable in Hingham? Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio at 506 a hearing today in Pennsylvania in a federal lawsuit from the Trump campaign to prevent officials from certifying vote results. Judge has already denied a request for a delay that the Trump camp was looking for. Right now they're trying to prevent certification of state voting results, saying election procedures were not uniformed across the state as they questioned the 20 electoral college votes that Joe Biden is projected to have one. Meantime, Georgia's top elections official is under attack from the president. Another fellow Republicans in the aftermath of the heated election season. Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger has been disputing claims of widespread voter fraud in Georgia from the Trump camp. Since unofficial returns have shown Democrats you'll Biden with a 14,000 vote lead when the once reliably red state, meantime, with the success of mail in ballots and early voting in terms of user EADS. Leaders in Braintree will review a proposal to reduce the number of polling locations available during elections get more on that from WBC's Kriss Farm. The idea is to consolidate the town's 12 precincts into three voting centers, which, with recent changes in how we vote just makes sense to town Clerk James Casey would be introduction on early voting by mail in early voting in person. We saw significant less number of voters on Election Day, two thirds less than 2000 and 12 the play Was originally employed for safety during the pandemic, but his case he points out. It also saves the town money. You need to have a constable, our police officer at each polling location in the consolidation. You could reduce that down to one police officer overseeing for precincts So you'd need three verses. 12, Chris Mama WBZ. Austin's news radio. You've always got us on the go with the I heart radio app until you're smart device at home Play WBC news radio on I Heart radio and you've gotta says at home as you're getting going in the morning as well. It's now five await on this Tuesday morning. It's time now for business. Live to Bloomberg. We go then Here's Tom Busby. Well, thank you. Jim. Positive test results for a second to potential covert 19 vaccine. This one from Cambridge based Moderna sent stocks soaring. On Monday. The Dow up 470 points it closed at a new record high. The NASDAQ Up 95 in the S and P 500 also add a new all time high right now. On Wall Street, though it looks like investors may hit pause after that record setting run up. Dow futures Now down 97 economic data. We get retail sales data for October U. S manufacturing for that same month. Also home builder sentiment for November. I'm Tom Busby Bloomberg.

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