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Philly, Ben He, Philadelphia discussed on The Philly Blunt: The Podcast That Celebrates Philly


We want to take it to do it. We're GONNA wrap it up man. This is the philly blunt Where we just ask you rapid fire questions? uh-huh and the interview or Ben Or Joel Dwell. Been Stinks I oh my God I don't I don't know about which they trade him just like. Ben He's a great. It's just a role player. He will be great like he would be. He's a great role player. But to be like. We're going to revisit tweet you to remember. There's one man or a podcast celebrates Philly New York or Philly affiliates fully for sure speaking of Philadelphia. WHO's on your Mount Rushmore more Philly rappers? You get three to four you can go forward. I like three Beanie Sigel black does the third is going to be young. And that's what's tough. I wanted to say ahead to go will Smith and meek okay. That's let's Ford. That's a mount rushmore. Incorrect answer read the lowest calls. What Song do you like to dance to talk? WISCON- with Dan move. I'm going to edit in a snippet of the song. That's the way the way he asked super a recently has been there. Okay take time but damn honestly anything if I'm drunk uh-huh what's on your bucket list Top was on my bucket list And Queen Latifah like thick the Little Cherry. Oh started off as a joke then I just kept up with it but eh it was like one day I had tweeted about. Liz Alight. Probably like five times. I've seen it and she was like all right. That's enough now. You get past. Liz Old Minimum for today. Yeah Man Yeah name a movie. You think you could have started and Bene- success A movie I could have started He's a good questions Move back to the start then I do WanNa play a serious role. Does one thing I do WanNa do like forrest gump. The Jenny was a horrible person. And thank you thank Rocha. I've had in my life. Awesome right and left them. A single in the non of his life used them am. I don't know I would not my first movie but I definitely do place down a lot. The I'm not sure I'm going to think about that now. A favorite comedian of all time. Stand up now not talking movie talking talking about a person that got on stage with a microphone and you think is the best at what they did. Chicago Chicago is is the best over over. Eddie Chris you get You can book any banned for your birthday this year per performance for your birthday. What what's WHO's it going to be? I WanNa say probably rake nice either either like right now I got I know I know I know what Drake Party. We'll be good this doodle wrap party girl. That thanks tweeting about. Eliza was bad. We're told the drake birthday party. Honestly what I've been listening to a lot lately listened to a ladder Jay rock like honestly you like Jay rock. He's been around for the thing. I feel like He was more soda experiment before Kendrick the one that they throughout their first in writing where we're headed the formula. Yeah you're GONNA take your girl out to make up for the lose Oh tweets or or or anniversary and you have to see one of these two comics where you take reckoner sinbad or Dane Cook. I would definitely say bad. Do a holiday tradition of my house and we watch jingle all the way every Christmas Zeev Qasim bad steals that move village. He's the mailman whose Davila no arnold turbofan wash so long. You know what's bizarre to me about Simba because I I. I always thought Corny. He was friends with Phil Hartmann. They were really only for Hartman's like one of the great comic lifetimes and like him and Sindbad were apparently thick this season like they were like they wrote some movies together in harmony. You got murdered by his wife The Holy Grail sneaker only gross night that the warm like it doesn't matter what if you were able to get it you would My favorite sneakers the first Iverson's old old prediction for two thousand twenty prediction for twenty twenty. I'm going to say you might not be there bowl but I'm I must say sixers services go winner championship. I think they let's go. Let's go curtis because they're the only ones in east Texas stop genus they. They're the only ones like because the embiid so like it's been it's been together and then steps up on Christmas Day right. Yeah as much as as much as I don't like him to your trade wind with yeah all right. Gregg brings home last one. Sell absolutely beautiful about Philadelphia. Something beautiful about Philadelphia. People always say this grimy dirty place where we know that's not true no really people. People are actually great. People like try to tell them when they won the Super Bowl. That was like a special Time we're like everybody would. Just people WANNA cemeteries cemeteries by the hundreds anymore. We're putting jerseys over the gravestone. I saw grown and men in my neighborhood and I live in around two street. So that's all tough Irish. Get dressed up like starkly client so shoulder man I it was a beautiful beautiful fucking time. Man Yeah I think we came on your show all info all that jazz twitter instagram OUGHTA and more. That's all right like the TV show. Amd Moore M. O. R. E. MY website is Anthony. MORA COMEDY DOT COM facebook. Look Anthony more Any other Right black thank you so much man we As as Philadelphians fans of comedy we are excited to watch your eyes. Keep going man. You seem like a really good dude so thank you thank you. Thank you for having us to new wave. Cafe thirty gather.

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Philly, Ben He, Philadelphia discussed on The Philly Blunt: The Podcast That Celebrates Philly

The Philly Blunt: The Podcast That Celebrates Philly 5 months ago

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