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And the President Trump is doing. I'm not quibbling without I do think treating despots as with with respect and giving them a platform by. Which they can spread false information is probably not good public policy for the country, but I do I do believe that we got to reach out to everyone, though. The one thing I have the biggest problem on with President Trump's foreign policy is it he is alienated and turn his back on our closest allies. And, you know, we create NATO at the end of World War, Two to try and keep this world safe to make sure we never had another World War and suddenly for the first time in, in my lifetime, our NATO partners are wondering whether they can depend on the United States. Whether we'll be there when they need us. And I think that's a question that the United States needs to answer loudly, and boldly that we are still committed to our strategic alliances and that we treat our our allies as our closest partners. We only have about maybe forty five seconds left for this question. But I want to bring up age because you talked about the word socialism, having some baggage it primarily has that baggage for people who lived through the Cold War saw the effect of socialism on eastern European. Entries. What about younger people who can't really identify with that? How do you how do you address that age gap? You have between you and younger voters. Well, I think you've got to find ways to paint pick paint pictures with words, and that's my challenge is, I've got to demonstrate how, what socialism did for working people, especially they suffered the most in those socialist countries. Do you know how you would paint that picture working on? Maybe we'll do it in the next segment. We're talking with democratic presidential candidate John Hickenlooper about the twenty twenty presidential race his platform, his prospects where the country's today joined the conversation, what do you want to ask John Hickenlooper what questions you have about his positions go to us on Facebook on Twitter. I'm Sasha Pfeiffer. This is on point. Hey, it's been an Azari and we're the hosts of endless thread, the show, featuring stories found on the website Reddit, but you don't have to be a Reddit or to enjoy the kinds of stories. We tell like a couple experimenting with non monogamy or boredom that may have predicted the attack on Pearl Harbor. Subscribe to endless threat on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. We're back with a new season of rough translation this time. We are following people break the rule in lying is part of the business. Opinion, the best revenge against ISIS. Humane supposed to pinch. Episodes every other Wednesday. Subscribe, this is on point. I'm Sasha Pfeiffer. We're talking with former Colorado. Governor Democrat John Hickenlooper about why he's running for president what his positions are, what is beliefs. Are why he wants your vote? You can join the conversation. Let us know anything about him disqualifies him in your mind. What you like about his ideas, what you reject about them. If you're Republican, if you lean conservative, even if you don't have a dog in the fight in the Democrats fight for the nomination, your opinion is still part of this conversation. Follow us on Twitter and finance on Facebook at on point radio. John Hickenlooper, I want to turn to the issue of guns earlier in this hour, you made a reference to how when you were Colorado governor, you beat the NRA that's your words, I believe, Colorado, under your governorship past universal background checks band high capacity weapons..

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