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I mean, that's that should be thing. Like, you know, an interesting name board. I forgot whatever. This is so many babies that didn't happen. Turned into a nice nice piece of glass. Yeah. That's it job. Andrew that's your first prize bag attempt. And I think you did great. Thank you. I give the. Somebody gave somebody something to eat and a hobby. Yeah. Third thing. All right. I just have one thing. I I was gonna I didn't have a gift I went to that dome gift shop with you earlier, and you purchase all these things before. I don't like anything in here. And I knew there was some good stuff in there. Sore being like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I was going to just bring the sex kit from my hotel room, and that's twenty eight bucks for like a convents blue like no sorry a used. It's ten bucks. Then I went on a run to go to the ten things. I hate about you stadium in town. I love you. Cool. Yeah. Okay. So then other. Breeze over that he Betty's ledger voter. Voter grace die before he died before. Yeah. Why did you help out? Why do sit encourage I told them this is late in his career. And I told them my favorite movie was ten things. I ate about you like late in late in his. He was like he was already the joker at this point. Yeah. He was the joker. Yeah. And I told yeah. Sincere bugging love that movie. I love t town. So good, isn't it? I went and saw that Saint, but when I was running there. Iran has this old toy store that has like old vintage toys, plus like new seven everyone has different and I'm walking through and dorky. So what's? Joking. Hold hold game. Tricky to not associated with door. Go. I often get told that I look like a WWE wrestler named. Charlotte flair and I found her toy. I like. The person that I've been told I look like I think and this is so cool. And I'm so excited about I'm going to sign it. Yeah. I love this. She's so cool. So it. Yeah. I bought it. Oh, the Glades. There you go. Place dog Charlotte flair. Looks like a coaster coaster tumbled up to the floor. Oh. This. It's got Bill Cosby on it. Says I love pudding. Pudding my dick where it don't belong. Phil. From. I would claim that say that I grabbed this bag from backstage. And it had that that's what it had in it. Coma growth through here. And that's what he sold after shows. Oh my God. You by lucked out that I grabbed that bag. Oh. I need a minute. That was really take. I did not expect that to be so fucking funny. I was like no way. This coast are going to have a good joke on Cisco. We said yet the brought a smile on my face. Where is along. Don't love code would've made no sense like five years ago. Like what? There used to be joked that used to be at hannibal's act. Oh my God. Okay. One question before we get to the the games portion, which I'm sure is what Andrews really nervous about. No, I'm not nervous at all. Well know yet your hot Reverend. Blushing just in. What was the last movie? You saw in any format. I just actually this morning ended up going back to back and watching the documentaries on the fire festival. So fire fraud, and it just fire. Oh, that's shit is amazing. Like it is insane. That just this like sociopath who apparently just loved the movie Wall Street decided to charm, the shit out of so many people like I watched the Hulu version I and it just shows what a total dick bag is. And then the net flex went. Basically just in shows you like every single person that he fucked over like ethically. And it's just it's amazing. How him in jail rule just took so many rich white people people's money to so much. Yeah. Yeah. I don't really feel bad for recommend one over the other..

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