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All been in a jam with him he's he's there he's given us all the different do you like that because i rinse china clay and it's klay thompson dancing edm in china all it's fast okay i guess it's just kind of a guys reliever my that's my thing i you want some you're like i'm good good i i wanna watch steph curry play basketball i wanna watch tom tom brady played football i want to watch lebron do his thing i don't really need to know how tom brady and i want to go back to serbia with me loesch tia dosage and have a pack of cigarettes and talk about the old country like that sounds great i think i think i'm good i'm good i there's there is a point where i'm like i don't need to know that right but like okay so look at the warriors you mentioned staff you want to watch him play basketball look at that team that seems fascinating stephan clay the sons of nineties players they grew up around all this fame and money you have k d in what he's overcome and why he wears the number look up why he wears the number thirty five saint nick youngs brother was murdered only caspi had to go to the military and come from israel what a what a draymond green saginaw michigan the way he was raising what a fabric tapestry of personal vigneault right i the stories of these men are fascinating and very very interesting to me it's the i would love to hear the story of nick youngs life but i don't need to see him go to and now you're right like the ballo oj on instagram you're going to try to see him behind this yes i see that's an unfair question.

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