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A L. Now Chris Plante. We're gonna make sure that Biden administration 60. Our timeline is moving towards our timeline. And so I asked all of you. Do not move from the needle do not way are more than them. Do not move from the needle. We are more than them a member of Congress in good standing with the Democrat Party. Assume she's talking about heroin addiction continue to be addicted to heroin intravenously. You're not moved from the needle. Russia to lead the squad. The left the Democrat Party. Well, happy Friday to you and welcome We are at 8886309 Stakes to five. Initiated the labor had some kind of emotional or mental breakdown on the floor of the House of Representatives. Last night, there was a gathering of victims at the U. S Capitol. I guess they completely missed the all the riots at the White House and downtown Washington and in New York and Chicago and the thousands of injured police They missed all that. Didn't they? Course Russia hated to leave Mr. The melee at the Capitol on January 6th those stone But that didn't prevent her from having an emotional breakdown last night on the floor of the House of Representatives about how frightening it was to not be there. On how she thanked.

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