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To fundraise from card games to golf outings the bullying the softball. The to is dinners it. There's no limit to it. There really isn't don't limit yourself on the creative ideas that you're going to do. Not just they just put down a list. How can i make this possible. What will it take. Ask your family and friends to look. I'm trying to get this any way that you could help. Don't be scared to ask for help Ask someone hope. You're not being pushy. You're not a telemarketer. you're just saying. Hey i need this. And i just need some help making this dream in this goal achieved. And that's what i would say anybody out there and it is possible it's worked. They'll be prepared to are. You're not going to just not do anything. Be prepared to work as You have to show people how bad you want in how excited you are to accomplish it. The it the people behind you be just excited. If you're not excited for the goal and the tree that you want to achieve that how can you get other people excited and go out there for you awesome. I love it man. that's amazing. I just hope things been great to have you on here bro. Chinky please tell people where they can go after the show to find you they can go to inspire shirt dot com which is right there at the bottom inspires short dot com. The my social media's eric patrick diamonds eric patrick thomas except twitter's Thomas and then you go to google eric patriots office you'll see videos you'll see you'll see there's actual fundraising campaigns on their from the past. That are still on there. Yeah i've seen them or there's been articles written the bottom. Oh that's the other thing to get the meeting. Get the newspapers ball. If that's possible getting getting the media involved with your fundraising campaign. Getting them bear. That's great. that's great man. This is the people that help you. They sponsors thank you. Everyone don't single people. Don't start saying names. Just try to thank everybody..

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