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Stand a shock When I saw it. It's where politics and fish fries happily co existed for decades. Milwaukee Serb Hall up for Sale Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral owns the Southside venue wasn't 51st in Oklahoma includes a banquet hall several meeting rooms, in fact, plus a restaurant in bowling alleys, the church, blaming what he calls his severe revenue dip right down by the pandemic. Move. Dining fish rice service ended but the drive thru will stay open for now, Sir Paul most recently made headlines when City health inspector's that into it with Trump supporters as they tried to enforce Kobe imposed capacity limits. At a November rally. Pete Brokovich, former Brewers Cy Young Award winner managed Serb Hall. He did He introduced me to the wonders of the shove up. I know not of. That's a name drop here. But I got to Nopd used to work a KT I when he got done playing baseball and in between ways being a television announcer for brewers games on the Brewers, TV network and other things he managed to hold briefly, Probably Serbian, fiercely Serbian, and and he took me to their parish festival one summer and said You got tried ship upset A little sausages. Really good. Oh, my God. I hate my body, especially the way they made him there at that festival, But yeah, she's he had enough. Just did everything. It was just crazy to see people commit running this place. It's a big complex. There's a lot going on. There is a huge job, and it's an institution in that neck of the woods and then the fish. Right, of course, is the stuff of legend. So strange days indeed, But if anything's going to change stuff, it seems cold. It is going to shake things loose. And that is the case at Milwaukee Institutions. Serb Hall. 7 44, Ed wtmj. Brian D. Has the day off. Matt Polly Esports. Next economic or gauges, inequality in water animals. I did 25536 state. This is chief anti procrastination.

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