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Support for this podcast is provided by clarke universities international development community and environment department administrations change global problems persist innovate solutions to global challenges like climate change hunger in equity and injustice turn research into action apply at clark u dot edu slash id c e tackling street harassment today i'm a world day i'm marker were men finland has a law designed to stop harassment in the streets but there was a catch the alleged perpetrator has to admit committing the crime yeah i don't thing is he a cough had you go like oh this man is harassing me i give you have the right to find him i don't think he's gonna be like yeah i'm sorry i did it also ten years after her assassination pakistanis are still trying to figure out the legacy of benazir bhutto she's model for saint today didn't usable woman late late on a close aide level i have all of his looked bag you know understood that it is something exceptional affordable men involved is done to date the belgian forward from assad the those stories plus a dopey dose of chicago batman today on the world ooh i'm mark a woman and you're with the world good to have you here today looking back over the past twelve months one of the big stories can be summed up in a hashtag me too and in the spanishspeaking world youth trumpian today we get a perspective on this global reckoning over sexual harassment from unom marcos in colombia she's a journalist from spain and rights for the spanish newspaper el pies and she remembers the warning she got for friends and family when they found out she was moving to colombia days have very dangerous country and it is very dangerous or moi dangerous for winning sexual violence was a big part of colombia's decadeslong civil war but generally the country has a high rate of violence against women and as in many other countries sexism is an entrenched reality for women in colombia on a marcus was in colombia when the meat to hashtag exploded a few months ago.

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