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C. Cola cherry sentence samples of the upcoming cherry coke it's time in buffet switch to know he's a coke man is it the really expensive coca Cola with the diamonds in it he would that great because you get a forty still driving they'll pick up any lives in his is not not the house that you grew up in but I think it's a house he's had to to get America very if you need help spending money you can just might be over I think you know I I mean I think you've you've got it printed he owns ten percent of coca Cola that stake alone is to this twenty two billion dollars I think if you've got fifty to a hundred billion I'm a yeah you do everyone the gaming dollars you can recall Cokie one again the health message we're trying to get him to the show this morning is if you want to be a billionaire Tom the coke and hit McDonalds drive thru may question yeah the vegetarian meals from Chicago WGN at PM seven twenty on your radio and on smart devices everywhere just by saying play WGN radio on star media group station is forty nine degrees at seven o'clock good morning I'm Steve percentage the news who sponsored by victory auto wreckers dot com the inspector general's report into the fired Chicago police superintendent could be made public and hawks play a man down and go down to the blues for nothing last night he business stock futures in the U. S. off triple digits after president trump said a trick trying to trade deal may not come until after the election now WGN traffic with very that held little slow outbound Eaton's just into two EDF on Saturday Kennedy about half hour to the airport forty two coming in from here and twenty two from the evening's accident outbound side of the Eisenhower east in the right lane forty two out of three ninety twenty eight to Mannheim inbound from three ninety fifty five minutes about Stevenson thirty six from the tri state is fine from three fifty five about Ryan twenty from ninety fifth slow from one hundred and third in the vision for it fifty seven and not bad on all the tollways at this time and I task to watch for an accident at Madonna and Irving Park governors highway still blocked at US thirty within fatal accident investigation still going on for personalized traffic on demand get traffic Chicago app approved by the mortgage experts a team like Berg just search T. R. A. F. F. I. X. Chicago American about Snapchat traffic center reminding you to drive responsibly it really is a matter of life or death now the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center here's meteorologist Tim McGill partly to mostly cloudy skies for states to produce more with some clearing as we get to the afternoon seeing more sunshine emerge.

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