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The guardian trust is a tricky concept when we trust someone all some thing it means behold a belief in their reliability you will die rely every day on services provided by huge and powerful institutions but do we trust them and if not that and how the sat changed now that we live so much of our lives online destroyed trust undermining trust to expose nothing as little episode can immediately seat belts mistrust and linked to a different relationship i'm jordan erika weber and in this series we're looking at internet enabled disturbed pia and how even technology designed to do good can end up causing harm almost three and a half billion people already use the internet and some five hundred new users are added every minute but even as we flocked to this technology and all that it gives us access to there are growing concerns about how our online lives can be open to scrutiny and even attacked in this show we consider the changing face of trust looking at how and why we are losing out trust in institutions and who we can trust instead so i think we are the style of one of the biggest trust shifts in the history of humankind rachel box man is an experts entrusted a lot of pain that was seeing in the world can be understood if we think of trust shifting from institutions to individuals berth for many many reasons a lot of us are losing trust in institutions short right now breaking news here stocks all around the world are taking releasing trust in corporations that harvest a data so they can use it to make money and in banks whose failures caused financial crises how jittery the nurse musty a wall street for that opened with certainly losing trust in politicians as seems clear in the recent election of a man who regularly said that it wasn't one b i am with you i will fight for you and i will win for you.

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