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What Jim is describing. Here is the sentiment side of things like the the love that we have people. It also is part of what I was describing earlier. It's part of that. That Ching that sentimentality. Because this fight it away what's replaced? It is a compassion but in a much bureau. I think the the mathematics analogy that works in that way because it it doesn't have all the emotional strings attached to it. It's a much pure intention comma. That's yeah yeah but Jimmy said you were going to Had this synchronicity story that you had to tell a only. Is this great okay? So I had a cracked window at the Halston in spring. I start getting all excited about getting house spruced up for that coming out of the dark cold winter so I called a local glass company and they came out to repair the window and also take a couple of window screens back to replace the next day on a Friday. They called and said you're your screens. Already nothing okay. Great so I went over there to pick them up around four thirty in the afternoon. I walk inside and it's a husband and wife team and she's on the phone with my invoice and so the husband I were sitting there talking and as is something that happens quite often. If you give me five minutes with people might find a way to We've my near death experience into the story. You can imagine some look on my but but I was talking. He seemed interested in a Nigga. She'd got enough. She's just really listening. And I said you know this gives them out. I said I know this sounds crazy now. Now we want to hear okay so I was telling them more about the crash in all that and In the wife asked me a great question she said well after this experience. Did you find your more intuitive question? Said but it's not really like that for me. I said it's more reflecting on the fact you know. Pay attention relationships and everything's interconnected. I said it's really more about relationships in a really amazing sense of timing of the timing of things is is really fascinating at that moment now. It's five o'clock on Friday. Their daughter walks in the door. Is She looked at me and she said. I remember you. Now look at the mother and the father and I look back at her and she said I am an upper theoretic emergency nursing. I took care of you when you came from a plane crash about three years ago. All like your sh look quite different than than I do right now because yeah and that's incredible the timing and then I looked at the mother and I said that's the answer to your question. That's great yeah the cool thing I said think about it..

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